Awwww…. The Great One failed to deliver for his Chicago cronies

Despite his abundant charm and eloquence (and hot wife!), mmmm mmmm mmmm Barack Hussein Obama failed to deliver the Olympics to the Chicago machine that backed him. I bet they’re plenty pissed. I mean, think of all the skims, graft, kickbacks, bribes, and favors they won’t be getting now! All that juicy money… *not *flowing through Chicago… from the tourism, the liquor, the construction, the advertising, the prostitutes. The prostitutes! Won’t *somebody *think of the prostitutes???

Whatsoever shall Chicago do now? Eh… probably just beat another black kid to death.

gosh, let’s hope so.


Content fail.

I fucking knew it. Will you people quit trying to make this Olympics business some kind of political thing?

Hey, he’s right, they should have sent a guy with experience at bribing Olympic committees, like Mitt Romney.

From the OP’s profile:

How very, very true.

Cut off the quote at the point I stopped reading.

Hot damn, you people are fast. I typed two sentences in response to a thread with zero responses, and there were three in before I could click submit. $10 says there are two more responses before I finish typing this sentence.

Garsh, you’re a moron.

The prostitutes in Rio are probably way hotter.

Yeah, cause the US is the only country to ever send its head of state to stump for the Olympic bid on the election day. Man, what a miscalculation! How could we have thought that might be considered to be expected?!

When I first saw the thread title, I wondered whether Wayne Gretzky really had any Chicago cronies. Phoenix, sure; and LA, and Edmonton, but to the best of my knowledge, he never played for Chicago.


Not enought rolleyes in cyberspace for the OP.

OP wins own thread for perfect name/content combo.

You’re happy that the U.S.A won’t host any Olympics any time soon? Think about what you’re cheering for. Your hatred of Obama is so ravenous, that you will cheer anything he doesn’t succeed at, even if that’s at the expense of our country. Pathetic.

Me too. I was thinking he was getting some money on the side for trading all of their best players to Chicago. He needs it now that’s he’s not getting paid.

Well, the Republicans from Chicago can entertain themselves by torturing a few Muslims or flying down to some shithole with Rush Limbaugh to diddle small boys. You know, the usual.

I can’t keep this huge grin off of my face. Obama failed HUGE! What a colossal moron! Record unemployment, Afghanistan in shambles…and Barack Hussein Obama thinks it would be a swell idea to make a personal plea to bring the Olympics to the corrupt war-zone known as Chicago. Even Oprah Frickin’ Winfrey could not help his cause!

I don’t understand why this is being seen as a failure for Obama. It’s not like other U.S. cities haven’t lost out on an Olympic bid, and it’s not like other countries who lost out in the past haven’t sent their heads of state to lobby.

Other than foaming-at-the-mouth rabid idiocy, can someone explain why this is being touted as a personal loss for Obama, rather than “well, that sucks” for Chicago/the U.S.?