Reaction to Chicago's failed Olympics bid

This Times article seems to take a remarkably grim view of the effects of this on Obama. Is this a mainstream view? Was there really that much riding on this bid? Should Obama have kept a bit more distance?

Well, considering all the effort he, his wife, and Oprah put into it, at the very least, I’d say they’re a bit embarrassed Chicago got tossed in the first round of voting.

IMHO it was for keeping too much distance to what is happening in Honduras.

While it is true that Obama has condemned the coup in Honduras and stopped aid and canceled visas to the coup plotters, Brazil showed to be more proactive by giving shelter to the deposed president and being willing to even threaten the use of force if the Brazilian embassy is invaded (Currently Honduran troops surround the embassy and repression is now rampant in Honduras)

As Brazil was willing to demonstrate even more commitment to democracy than the USA, I think that that was in the mind of many of the members to then give the nod to Brazil.

I thought all along if Chicago’s bid failed he would be criticized no matter what he did. If he didn’t go it would have been his fault, if he did then he would catch heat for taking time to grovel to the IOC, etc. In the end I see this as a much bigger problem for Mayor Daley.

It’s a bit embarrassing, It seemed like a political gamble with little upside and a non-trivial downside.

That said the Times is run by NewsCorp, so this reaction is predictable “dismal”

This surprises me, as I thought the IOC liked to try to stay as far from politics as they conveniently could.

Well, the emphasis was on “keeping that into account” overall I also think that the point that South America had never hosted the Olympics was also in the mind of the voters, it is not so simple but I think that other factors did influence the votes.

On NPR yesterday somone reported that Obama was likely told behind the scenes by the IOC that an appearance would seal the deal for Chicago, otherwise he wouldn’t risk the embarassment. FWIW.

Personally, I don’t care where the Olympics are held. I’d rather it not happen in the area I live in, just 'cause I don’t want to deal with the hooplah and traffic and such.

That said, I’ve experienced the weather in Chicago. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to compete there, if I were an Olympian.

The analysis I saw here in the news was that Obama’s presence and endorsement would not influence the vote very much. I don’t see why the failure should reflect badly on him.

Couldn’t care less.

OTOH, if he hadn’t gone, the outcry that his failure to do so cost the US a great economic opportunity would have been much louder. The trip is easily explained as a trade mission of the kind that senior executives go on all the time, to anyone complaining about the expense of the trip.

Really, there wasn’t much invested politically by anybody in Washington in the Chicago bid, and it will only be cared about much by those looking for something to care about.

Oh, absolutely. In fact, this could be the big break the McCain campaign has been looking for.

I really can’t see why this is that big of a deal. Olympics lose money for the host and are a huge hassle. That’s not sour grapes or anything. I think Rio is spectacularly beautiful; that’s as good a criteria as any, since it’s all about the TV.

Yes, Rio is beautiful. But it will be WINTER there in the summer of 2016. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rush was saying that it was a sign from the global community that “the ego has landed”, and is a reflection of the honeymoon being over.

I’m shocked… SHOCKED that he would say it’s all Obama’s fault.

No reflection on Obama, and me being as patriotic an American as they come, I say . . .

Good for Rio. I understand S. America is the only widely populated continent never to host an Olympics, and they plan to transform the Olympic Villiage into low income housing after the games. It’s their turn - go for it. I’m happy for the Brazilians.

Isn’t the selection process supposed to be, like, apolitical?

Rio’s also in an ideal timezone for NBC.

Just let them bear carefully in mind that “performance-enhancing drugs” includes coffee.