Axl Rose

Did he have some major plastic surgery?

Or am I seeing things?


Any pics?

And didn’t he sound like crap?

And why have my youthful memories of Guns & Roses rocking with Axle, Slash and Dizzy been replaced by Axle rockin with the Gimp from Pulp Fiction and a 7’ Kubuki doll in a yellow raincoat and a popcorn box on is head?

two points:

  1. I couldn’t tell if Axl’s voice was truly off or if it was just mixed poorly - it sounded more or less like him tonally, but it sounds like it was being squeaked out, with not of the dominance you hear in the recordings.

  2. Yeah, Buckethead is a freak, but he can play like a motherfucker - did you hear any of his lead work at the end of Paradise City?

Yojimbo I’ll try and dig up some new pictures, so far no luck. I saw the performance for maybe 5 seconds last night, and I heard the plastic surgery thing mentioned a few times. No concrete evidence, but I remember him looking very strange last night.

Ah buckethead, sweet old Buckethead. He’s been wearing that mask and KFC bucket for nigh on 10 years and as Wordman aptly pointed out, that guy can play some mean guitar. ‘Praxis’ is another band in which he used to play with Bootsy Collins. Its basically cosmic space funk/metal, or some strange variant of it.

here are some pictures of Buckethead BTW.

Anyone ver see Buckethead without his mask?

Nope, just tried to find a picture, no luck.

Hmmmm…who is that mysterious finger-lickin’ bucket man?


Dear God, this was in today’s paper.


I didn’t note any great change in the picture LolaCocaCola linked to, but then Mr. Rose has always looked strange to me.

Far stranger is the way he has always sounded – like Olive Oyl getting a pelvic exam at the hands of Hannibal Lecter.

How can people bear to listen to him?

Great Ceasar’s Ghost! I remember Zorro mentioning that Axl took a KFC bucket from an audience member at a recent concert and put it on, and I understand why, now.

And Golden Gael: quite happily, thank you. I’d rather listen to him than the faux-grunge “nu-metal” bands that have been popping up recently like mushrooms after the rain.

Maybe it’s not Axl, maybe it’s Dave Mustaine from Megadeth
it looks like him with red braids, since Dave can’t play guitar anymore, maybe he’s fronting Guns & Roses.

Whoever that was, his vocals SUCKED, I’ve never been a fan of GnR but this was the worst, i have ever heard him, Go Away and Stay Away.

Bucket Head looks like Jason, with a KFC Bucket on, he might play really good, but someone should have told him that’s a stupid gimmick.

Boy am I feeling old. Where did this buckethead fellow come from? And Guns’N’Roses still put out albums and go on tours? I didn’t know that they had any album with original material after the “Use Your Illusion” double album or released anything after “the Spaghetti Incident” (which I never heard, but I think the album only includes cover songs.)

Yeah, The Spaghetti Incident??? is an album of mainly punkish covers, but there was some controversy over the inclusion of a song written by Charles Manson. The song is called “Look At Your Game, Girl,” and it was the unlisted final track on the album. The song may have been deleted from later pressings of the CD/album.

After that, there was a major shakeup in GNR due to the fact that AXL wanted the band to go in one direction musically, towards a more dance/electronica type of sound, while Slash wanted to stay on the blues/punk/hard rock path GNR was on. Slash finally just up and left and formed Slash’s Snakepit and in 1995 released It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere which some insiders close to GNR have said is essentially what the next GNR record would have been.

Meanwhile, Axl pretty much up and disappeared, which led to the usual rumors of his death or his new career as a porn star. During his hiatus, Axl acquired the rights to the Guns 'N Roses name which meant that whatever Axl said was GNR was in fact legally GNR.

Eventually Axl got a number of musicians together and began wiritng songs but there were rumors of Axl’s really odd behavior, like demanding that the new GNR re-record Appetite For Destruction not for note. This apparently took an insane amount of time and led to numerous people quitting the band.

As for Buckethead, he has apparently been around for a good while and seems to be a damn good guitarist, if more then a bit eccentric.

Hey, he can’t be weirder then Marilyn Manson.

A couple of years ago GNR made an appearence at the Rock In Rio festival and the show was supposedly quite good.

GNR had a new song, Oh My God, which was on the soundtrack to the Scwarzeneggar film End Of Days.

Unfortunately, radio wasn’t very receptive.

Oh yeah, back in 1994, GNR did a truly bad cover of Sympathy For The Devil which was on the soundtrack for Interview With The Vampire.

GNR did a couple of shows at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas and announced plans to tour last year, but then Buckethead had some health problems, not drug related, so the tour was canceled. GNR recently started a short tour of England & Europe and Axl has said that the long awaited new GNR album Chinese Democracy is done and all that is left to do is arrange the track sequence and get the final artwork done.

Knowing how Axl works, those last few things could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 years to get done.

Does that answer your questions?

As for Axl’s having plastic surgery, so fucking what???

Why is that something to get all bent out of shape about?

I don’t hear anyone screeching and bleating about Janet Jackson having had her boobs and her nose done.

If he wants to get plastic surgery and have a dick attached to his forehead, hey it’s his money, not yours that is being spent on the surgery.

That’s cuz Janet Jackson looks good.

Bad example.

Maybe you shoulda used Michael Jackson as an example instead.

Yer right, it is his business whatever he does to his face, hair, whatever. But being in the public eye, and having a reputation for being a notorious asshole makes him a target for ridicule.

Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

You want to speek up, sonny? I’m a mite deef in this ear.
I swear to Buddha I’m going to just chuck it all in and go out and get my Geritol and walker right now.

Bucket Head? Guns N Roses touring? Axl Rose - plastic surgery? I was sure he was working at a Burger King somewhere.

I think I should probably watch something on TV besides movie every once in a while.

If I can paraphrase Kevin Smith – This is the pulse. And this is my finger, far away from the pulse, jammed straight up my ass.

I think I’ll just go to the parlor, curl up on the davenport and take a nap.

Dontcha mean KFC?

They need dem buckets, ya knoooooooow! :wink:

I wonder if KFC sponsers Buckethead’s Bucket?

The KFC 12 piece…not just for holding extremely greasy chicken anymore

:eek: :confused: :smiley: What an image!

Hey, Slash left GNR, but what happened to the rest of the band?

Where the hell did that come from ? Dave Mustaine is far superior to Axl in every respect. Certainly his comliness is only one area in which there is no comparison. As far as Mustaine’s voice is concerned, he still has the ability to sing everything he’s ever written as well as he did in his early years. Yikes, what a cheap shot !

Rattle Your Goddamn Head,