Aztec Sun Calendar

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So did he provide any hard and fast predictions, or just vague “entering a new age” kind of stuff? If the latter, then his claim of a prediction is pretty well untestable (if nothing happens on Friday, he can always say, “Ah, but it did happen – we are just not yet aware of it.”). If the former, it would amaze and astound me.

C#3, thanks for the tip on Art Bell’s. I’ll check it out. Now, regarding the Aztec’s supposed technological advancement (understanding and use of electromagnetic wavelengths), Mr. Mini is not specific about what kind of devices the Aztecs had (besides their own eyes) to make use of their knowledge. Is he?

I’ll listen to the interview, and let you know my thoughts.

David, you skeptic you, every morning brings the dawn of a new age.

Hmmm… I have to fly to Chicago this Friday, the 13th.

Oh crap.

CKD: I dunno about that. I’m beginning to think every morning brings the dawn of old age. :wink:

C#3: I am (as I write this post) listening to the interview with John Mini, whom I’m not calling “Mr.” anymore, and the words that come to my mind are definitely not suitable for the GD board (see, Dave, I’m behaving :)). All his gibberish about the Aztecs, and his “experiences” among them are one of the BIGGEST pieces of misinformation (in lieu of a nastier word) I have ever heard about the Aztec culture.

It is a shame that this was broadcasted coast to coast in your country, giving an ABSOLUTELY wrong idea about the wonderfully interesting culture of the Aztec people to your people. It’s New Age propaganda in it’s full splendor.

I’m really disappointed, and a little angry, but, hey, everybody is entitled to blatantly lie, oops, sorry, I mean, …to express their opinions and (mis)educate others, right?

Shame on John Mini (and all the others like him)!!!

Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.


Thanks for your feedback.

Hey, at least it wasn’t a total loss…you gotta admit that the RealPlayer/ stuff is pretty cool! Right?

Hey did you hear that weirdo that called in and said that he was the second son of the second son and that he had recently been released fron San Quentin? LMAO!

Also, did you happen to listen to the beginning of the program (prior to the Mini interview) where they were talking about the Sun? If you did what did you think about that? I thought that part was MUCH more interesting!

Contestant #3

Let’s see …

The world didn’t end on Dec. 31, 999, as some doomsayers claimed it would.

The world didn’t end in 1917, when the Jehovah’s Witnesses said it would.

The world didn’t end 7 years after the signing of the Middle East peace accord during Jimmy Carter’s administration, when Hal “Late Great Planet Earth” Linden said it would.

Why should this alleged Aztec prediction of doom be any different?

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

Actually, C#3, I didn’t listen to anything else. The new Real Player is cool, though. Thanks. Regarding the part about the Sun, I might give it a try later.

Right now I’m getting ready to see the eclipse online. I betcha’ that’s going to be much more fun and interesting! Try this site:


Because C#3 said so?

One of my favorite quotes goes something like this: “The worst thing about a doomsday prediction is the misfortune of living until it is proven false.”

“Of course, that’s just my opinion; I could be wrong.”–Dennis Miller

Because I said WHAT???

Defend yourself.

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I believe the implication is that you don’t have the “b.s.” filter and have a tendency to pass along unproven theories that have no basis in science and/or history, usuallu preceded by the phrase"I read somewhere…"
If I’m wrong, nayaran, just let me know.

Implication my asstec!

He implies that I said doomsday was coming.

  1. No, I wrote that I read that the dawn of a new age was coming (according to the Aztec Sun Calendar)

  2. I didn’t agree or disagree with it, but rather asked what others thought of the information

  3. Butt out Troll

Contestant #3

Same as always, C3. Just waiting for the 3-count.

I wasn’t implying that you created this prophecy, C3. I just was mentioning that you were the first to bring it to our attention. Of course, the prophecy itself is as much BS as that of the Aztecs’ closest neigbors, the Mayas, who say that the world will end in December, 2012 (?). Besides, I like paranoid people like you. They are definitely the most fun people in the world.

With that, I give you slythe…

“Of course, that’s just my opinion; I could be wrong.”–Dennis Miller

One more thing, #3, the statement was meant entirely as a joke, like my first post about the end of the world coinciding with my brother’s birthday. Only after I sent the trollish statement did I realize that no one around here watches the WWF…

“Of course, that’s just my opinion; I could be wrong.”–Dennis Miller

Ten-To-One C3 will start raving about “pyramid power”, or something else from the Seventies, like pet rocks.
Just to anticipate the inevitable load of… psuedo-intellectual nonsense, the Aztec pyramids were built over 2500 years after the Egyptian ones. So if the big bad spacemen helped them , they sure took their time about it. The two forms of monuments aren’t even created for the same purpose: the Aztec pyramids were temples, the Egyptian’s were tombs.
Hey C3! Since you didn’t want the UFO transmission part or the Bigfoot carcass, how 'bout a gen-u-ine Jersey Devil call? It looks like a kazoo, sure. But blow it three times in the dark of the moon while dancing naked on the lawn of the Govener’s Mansion, and the Jersy Devil WILL APPEAR! Yes, it may be disguising itself as a firefly [in summer] or a snowflake [in winter] but I sure that this will be as convincing a form of evidence [to you at least] as all the other stuff you post. $15 billion in Confedrate cash will get it delivered to your door!

I’m not sure where the the espousers of the 08/13/1999 date came up with it. I remember a similar question regarding the Aztec calendar on the AOL/SDMB last year, but the terminus date was December 12, 2008 (or 12/23/2013) or something–I’m doing this by memory). One of the recent cycles did begin on August 12, 3114 BCE, but that was not, specifically, an Aztec cycle.

The Aztecs had, actually, a multiple calendar system that tracked a 365 day solar year, a 584 day cycle of the orbit of Venus, a 260 day “reconciling” calendar that brought the other two calendars together in a 52 year cycle, and a 26,000 year cycle of the sun to which they assigned periods of legend. The last of the 26,000 year cycles that they had calculated ended early in the next (Gregorian) century. Several people have used this calculation to claim that the Aztecs predicted the end of the world on that date. However, my memory of the scholarly research on the subject was that that great turning was simply the point at which hey expected the cycles to begin again. (Since we know from the histories of the Olmecs, Totltecs, and Mayans that the Aztecs were not even around for the first several 26,000 year cycles, there is no real reason to believe that they were expecting the world to end at the end of their calculations.)

The next time I’m on AOL, I’ll see whether the links I found the last time are still in the “favorites” folder. (I haven’t always kept the favorites between my two ISP’s synchronized and I haven’t found the two web sites I used the last time.)

As to the general reliability of Aztec predictions (as opposed to their skills in calculationg calendars) I will note that they pretty well missed any relevant clues regarding Cortès.

::: opening door slowly, looking outside cautiously, holding out hand to feel for rain ::::

Hmmmmm. Doesn’t feel like a New World Order.

OK. While not completely shot, my memory was hardly perfect. The following is the question and my reply on the AOL/SDMB. The most notable error is the fact that I was answering a question about the Mayans, not the Aztecs. On the other hand, some research on the EB and on the web leads me to believe that the Aztecs simply adopted the Mayan calendar without adding anything of their own calculations to it, changing a few gods and legends, but leaving the actual calendar just as they received it from the Maya.