Aztec Sun Calendar

Tells me that according to the Aztec Sun Calendar, August 13th, 1999 has been forecast for centuries by the ancient Aztecs as the beginning of a new world order (or something along those lines). To quote from the site:

“the Aztecs, or the Mexica, will rise from the ashes of their broken condition to create a new Aztec empire and our entire world will come together in way that’s never been done before…”

Is this just a bunch of crap? Or are the Aztecs onto something? Maybe E1skeptic has some insight for us…

I’m gonna listen to the Art Bell program tonight because John Mini is a guest and an expert on this topic.

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I don’t know how much I believe in prophecies and foretellings and whatnot, but I love reading articles and watching programs about it all. I hope you see this response in time to tell me what time and station that show is supposed to be on. Go ahead and email me. Thanks.

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As far as I’m concerned, all this Aztec Solar calendar predictions are nothing but a bunch of crap. Like the ones from Nostradamus, Jeanne Dixon, Paco Rabane, et al.

I don’t have any more comments on this.

Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.

Frankly I’m surprised that you’d thumb your nose so readily at the culture of the Aztecs.

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This Friday? I always knew there was a reason why I don’t like my brother, now I know his 11th birthday will be the end of the world!

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C#3, do me a favor: learn to read!!!

I never said anything about the Aztec culture. And for some reason, I guess I know much more about it than you. What I said is that the predictions you mention, are a bunch of crap. Ok?

Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.

Crap to you E1, serious stuff to the Aztecs and most certainly part of their culture. You must be part of the spanish-blooded ruling class rather than having a native Mexican heritage. My mistake.

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If you could only speak spanish, you moron!
I just visited the stupid website you posted, and it’s almost as moronic and ignorant as you!

They (and you too, it seems), claim to know about a supposed aztec legend, but never make it clear where did they get all that info from. Am I supposed to believe some idiotic fantasy made up by a crazy “gringo” who can’t even translate his webpage to spanish properly? How do you know this guy is not just CREATING a legend as most hoaxers do?

This Mr. Mini says that he lived in México, probably among some natives of aztec descent, and he calls the “médicos-brujos” (witch-doctors) shamans!!!. Just for your information, NO ONE uses that word here!

He claims to know a lot about my country and what’s going on here, without our knowledge. Yeah, sure! Do you really believe all that shit? Geeeez!!!

If you really want to learn something, go here:
The only problem is that you would have to learn Spanish first, and that could prove to be next to impossible.

Read my signature… please!

Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.

Well, there’s one way to settle this little brouhaha–wait 'til Friday.

See you on Monday, C#3. Unless that interview I had with Azteca, Inc. comes through and I start my new job…

E1Skeptic said:

E1, please cool it with the attacks or take it to to the Pit. You could have made all of your points without resorting to an attack.

Whoops – the above message should have been “signed” with the following, showing it was an official message:

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Give E1 a break. He’s right, I cannot speak or read the Spannish language. Besides, his little comment was mild compared to the stalking that I get from Slythe (brother-in-law?)…

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Let me get this straight. You complain when I moderate you. You complain that I don’t moderate others who haven’t acted in a way needing moderation. But when I do moderate somebody who has insulted you, you complain about that, too? I think I see a pattern here…

But, even with your “defense,” my message to him stands. If you want to insult people or be insulted by people, take it to the Pit.

If you have any more questions, please send them to me in e-mail so we don’t clutter up this thread any further.

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Hey, Dave, you’re right. I shouldn’t have let my emotions get in the way, but C#3 started it: “Crap to you, E1…” he said. Isn’t that as “bad” as calling him a “moron”?

I think C#3 was defending me because he likes a “rough” debate, and he didn’t really feel offended by my post.

Anyways, I’ll cool it down, no problem.

Thanks, E1.

In reference to what C#3 said, he did say “Crap to you” but that was only half of the phrase. The entire phrase was:

In other words, he wasn’t using it as an insult, but saying, in other words: “These claims may be crap to you, but they were serious stuff to the Aztecs.”

Hope that clears it up.

Thanks again.

David B, SDMB Great Debates Moderator


You misunderstood the “crap to you” phrase that I used.

Previously you had written:

"What I said is that the predictions you mention, are a bunch of crap. "

So, you see, it was you that introduced “crap” into the conversation. My response was: (It may be) crap to you, but it’s serious stuff to the Aztecs…

…get my drift?

You were correct in that I was in no way offended by your comments. I am (on the other hand) offended by David’s brother-in-law Slythe…I wish David would correct him!

P.S. The Ancient Aztecs didn’t speak Spanish did they?

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Didn’t they speak Aztecisteinian? Aztecish? Azteclia?

You know they spoke only náhuatl, that is, before Cortés. Unfortunately, after the conquest, Spanish was imposed on everyone, and náhuatl was relegated and almost banned. I wish it was taught in schools regularly.

Regarding my misunderstanding, I see it now. Sorry. But if IIRC, you are the one who introduced the “crap” thing (not directed to me, though, I admit) in your OP:

Anyways, tell me something, C#3, did you listen to the Art Bell’s interview of Mr. Mini? Was there any interesting, credible information said in the program? Being in México there’s no way I can tune in to any radio station where Mr. Bell’s program is broadcasted, and I’m curious.

Also, have you read the entire info given on the website you mentioned? I have the utmost respect for the Aztec culture, although this doesn’t mean that I think it was the “most advanced” civilization there was. They were pretty much advanced in some ways, but they were also very cruel and supersticious (the spaniards were no less cruel and supersticious, BTW). What pisses me off is to see that someone like this Mr. Mini can come up with a bunch of lies, and tell the world that the Aztecs did this, and knew that, with no evidence whatsoever! All he has is his word about strange feelings, teachings he received from supposed aztecs, information about the government being “panicked” by the 13 de agosto profecies, wonderful technologies mastered by the Aztecs (he never says in the site what those are), etc. And in the end, he says that he doesn’t know what is going to happen!

What a bunch of… well, crap!

Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.


If you have access to the internet (which it appears that you do), then you have access to listen to Art Bell. His program is broadcast over the internet. Just go to and follow the appropriate links. You will neeed RealPlayer and if you don’t have it, you can download it for free.
All Art’s programs are archived, so it’s not too late for you to listen to the Mini interview yourself.

Since you asked though, the technology he spoke of had to do with the Aztec’s understanding and use of electromagnetic wavelengths.

He claims that the Aztec Sun Calendar predicts a confluence of events that will change the world as we know it. A new world conciousness will emerge, orignating from Central Mexico. He says that this is a pivitol time and that the actions we (as humans) take now will seal our future fate…etc…etc…etc…

He claimed that the Aztec Sun Calendar had successfully predicted some important happenings in the past, like the date of the arrival of the Spaniards and the fall of the Aztec civilization.

Listen for yourself and let me know your thoughts please.

P.S. RealPlayer and have greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the internet. It’s given me the ability to listen to sound clips, archived and live radio programs, audio books, etc… Good stuff.

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