B-52s / Culture Club summer tour

Anyone seen this tour this summer? If so , which band plays 1st?

I ask because it looks like we are in for rain during the show, maybe heavy rain at times. We only want to see the B-52s so if they play 1st we can skip Culture club if it’s raining. Google did not turn up any show reviews.

I might be biased because I nearly started a Kate or Cindy? thread last May when a crop of similar threads went up, but I’d be VERY surprised if they didn’t close every stop on this tour. Here’s a setlist from a few days ago. Enjoy youself! Rain will not be an acceptable excuse!

Edit: I still can’t choose (yeah, I know…) Too much <3

B52s played before Culture club. A thunderstorm came through so we only got 30 minutes of the B52s. We got the full Culture Club show.

I’m flabberpalled! So sorry!


I shouldn’t even be here, I don’t like either of these acts.

But the B-52s should not be opening for culture club.:eek:
Not my genre, not my fight.

the opening act was the guy from the Thompson twins. The other 2 were both top billed but I guess somebody has to go on first and maybe the B52s requested to play first. a decent number of people left when it rained but most stuck around . Rain lasted about 1 hour and it was the lightning that caused the show to stop. For just rain they would have kept playing.