B-L Contest. Did our guy win?

I have been searching the boards and getting distracted by other things to find out if Our Doper BoyoJim or something similar to that name, Sorry!found out where he finished in the Bulwer Lytton Contest.
This year’s winner Could it be our very own?
Did I miss it or is the thread that I am thinking of and just posted in not so long ago something I hallucinated?

Yay! Yeah, I think that’s him – despite the lack of a “Hi Opal” in his acceptance speech.


Yup. Definately him.

'Dopers are so intelligent and literate, we can even write really superior awful literature!

Some of those entries are actually pretty good, in a deranged Wodehousian sort of way.

**BoyoJim **- congratulations!!!

That is huge - you’re famous! A celebrity!

Bring pie?

OMG… even if its not him that DESERVES the Grand prize!

F’ing hilarious and unexpected!


I thought that was him & came here looking - I’m glad someone posted!



thought it said BJ contest :frowning:

Yeah, every time I see the title I wonder what a Blow Lob is.

Good man, Jim. Really, really nice work!

That is SO cool. I think he needs an honorary title. One of ours won a BIG DEAL contest!

For what it’s worth, back when he started his first thread, I had a crazy dream that night that it was ME who was winning the Bulwer-Lytton contest, and I had to call them, but I couldn’t find the phone number, and was on vacation, and, well, you know the rest. One of those crazy dreams where you just… can’t… get… what… you… need.


One of us excels at really crappy writing!

That would be something to be able to put on a resume.
Congrats Boyo! We knew you were the worst!

Bah. I’ve read worse opening sentences on the back of a “Norton Anthology of English Literature-O’s” cereal box.

But congratulations anyway, BoyoJim. You’ve set the bar now. I don’t envy the Bulwer-Lytton people next year, after the avalanche* of submissions from competing SDMB members that must surely ensue.

  • (or pee eruption, I suppose)

Oh Jeez, yes, it was me. I asked that the last thread be removed because I wasn’t real comfortable with my RL name being known on the boards, but I knew that might not do any good. I won. I’ve been interviewed by CNN and AP, and the story is in almost every major paper in the country. I’m trying to spin this into getting myself a publisher for a REAL book I’m writing.

I’m about to go off to two local tv stations and read the sentence on-air. I told them it’s hard to read even SILENTLY, let alone aloud, but I would give it a try.

Congratulations, Boyo Jim! How totally cool.

Thank you all for your kind comments. I foolishly imagined I could stay pretty much anonymous after the award, and I understand now there was NO chance of that. My employer didn’t want me to use the company name, and told me just to say I worked at a Madison hospital. Well, that meant anyone could find me with 3 or fewer phone calls, “Hello, is there a Jim Gleeson on your staff?” Click and try the next one, or, “please put me through”. Other people found me through my sister, who lives in Madison, with the same last name, is a state employee, and hence cannot hide her identity in any number of directories. By the time I realized that route was being used, she’d already handed out my phone or email to half a dozen or more press people.

So I’ve decided to embrace my 15 minutes of fame, and see what I can make happen productively with it.

So, **Boyo[/] – are you going to write the rest of the book you started so well?

Oh…cool!!! We know someone who’s famous!! Yay!

Congratulations, BoyoJim!


I figured out who it was about 24 hours ago, but at least I didn’t start calling Wisconsin hospitals looking for really good bad writers. :smiley:

Boyo Jim, here’s what The Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten had to say about you in his weekly chat:

Gene Weingarten Chat