B-L Contest. Did our guy win?

Just out of curiosity, what do you win (besides a bit of fame) for winning a contest like that?

two hundred fifty bucks.

That’s more than I expected for “a pittance.” I was thinking maybe a free copy of the book they’re going to publish.

I thought the same, and emailed to the judges the prize should be worth no more than 10 bucks. They did not respond, but OTOH I don’t have a check yet.

I saw the Madison Wisconsin hospital mentioned and thought you might have won. Enjoy the fame and prize.

I also asked whether my entry was in time to make the next edition, due in August. I didn’t get an answer to that either.

I am going to swoon. If I am that damn funny then I ought to be making a living at it. I lived in Washington for 12 years and that should be MY column, dammit!

So, did they accede to your request to remove that earlier thread? Because i couldn’t find it either.

Imagine how that’d look:

Crappy Writer

I like it ! :smiley:

Hey BoyoJim, that’s truly hilarious. Congratulations !!!


Yes, they took it out… for all the good that did. You people have too good a collective memory, and you can’t keep your mouths shut either. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am thinking about starting my in insanely boasting ego thread. But that would be… egotistical.

One of you do it. Now!

Jeez, it you folk can’t start a thread on command, you can’t be relied upon to drink the koolaid either. :wink:

Ok, no new thread.

How about if we just keep this one going? Does that count?

Or maybe the Mods could unhide your original thread?

I say lots and lots of Dopers should enter the next round so as to maximize the possibility of Dopers winning two years in a row!

So, have we mentioned that we’re impressed?


Thank you… not exactly like being willing to kill or die on command, but… small steps. :cool:

I saw the article in the Chicago Tribune today - front page of the Tempo (A&E/comics) section. :smiley: From my recollection of the last thread I knew for sure who the winner was, but the mention of your location clinched it.

It would certainly go a long way towards proving our worth to our new Owner Overlords… :wink:

You can submit as many entries as you want, all in one email if you want, for free. Read the rules here, and click the pic at the bottom to open up an email for submission purposes.

I submitted my entries in August of last year, so you may as well get an early start.

Yea!!! So proud of you…and what fun you must be having!


As one who works in the other realm of really bad writing (computer manuals), I say, ‘well done’!


That was just…beautiful…congratulations, Boyo Jim! Your parents must be so proud!
Your high school English teacher must be so suicidal…