Ba-dee-ya, Rantin' in September (monthly mini rants)

We just had the porch flooring painted - mainly because Psycho Squirrel had been repeatedly gnawing off patches of paint. We had tried discouraging PS with bitter apple spray and 1,000,000 Scoville Unit hot pepper concentrate (suitably diluted) - no luck.

It’s been a week now without sightings of PS. If the little shit comes back, There…Will…Be…Blood.

Someone’s, anyway.

Medical update - I don’t have COVID. That is good news. What I actually have is a cold… and mastitis, a-freaking-gain. I hurt so fucking much. Why!

Happy you don’t have it. Our bodies are messed up, so many things can go wrong with them. I tell people, well, at least I’m ambulatory so I’m thankful.

A post on a Facebook neighborhood group, from a community I no longer inhabit:

“This is such a both hard and weird question for me to ask. Does anyone have fresh kittens?”

Does this sound like someone who couldn’t find four-and-twenty blackbirds? :grimacing:

For the second week in a row, 60 Minutes is delayed for a football game that hadn’t even started the 4th quarter by 7:30.

What the hell are these teams doing that their games go over their scheduled time so badly? Extended time-outs or something?

They are annoying me a great deal.

Good grief. Google appears to be down. Again. Didn’t it go down just a month or so back?

ETA: Even more weirdly, I cannot reach using Chrome, but I can with Microsoft Edge. Have I mentioned I’m not at all fond of Edge? I’m not. Especially since it keeps trying to add itself to my start up programs.

Google seems to be behaving for me, and I got to just fine.

Try rebooting your computer (or router)?

I was able to get to downforeveryone using the Microsoft Edge browser, but not the Chrome one. According to them, Google is experiencing problems.

I’m obviously not having trouble connecting here, or to FB or Twitter or an online game I play.

I just bought this laptop recently, and have only used Edge to download Chrome. For actual use, it’s Chrome or Brave.

Maybe a local/regional issue? I had no trouble with downforeveryone or Google on my Chrome.

Weirdness accelerates. I can get to using Microsoft Edge but not Chrome. Might be time to clear the cache.

ETA: Except crap, I can’t, because I apparently need to connect to Google to do so.

I should have remembered that with Windows, this is always the first troubleshooting step.

Could be a gift for a child.
… but I’m also in a shitload of reptile groups, and there are other reasons they could be asking.

I dunno.

… I came here to bitch, because I’m in customer service, and “gimme one quick second” is my go-to when my brain is occupied with the fourteen things I gotta do, including whatever the fuck you just asked for, and the next old white dude (and it’s ALWAYS an old white guy, I swear to fuck) who goes “One Mississippi, your time’s up, hurk hurk!” I swear to all the gods …

My mother was planning a trip to visit her granddaughter in Tampa on Wednesday. I talked to her today and she was still planning on going. I told her she better check with the airline, as I believe they have already canceled Wednesdays flights due to the hurricane that’s about to wander by. “I guess we’ll see,” she said.

Umm, no, we won’t see. It’s a hurricane. People are evacuating.

I’m in Orlando right now. Everybody is pretty “meh” about it. I don’t think it’s supposed to hit us hard.

We’re not leaving until Friday.

Okay, but Orlando is about as far from the Gulf as you can get in Florida without being on the Atlantic coast.

So I’m glad for you that you can afford to be “Meh”, but this was a warning to someone about to travel to Tampa, which is right in the path of a hurricane. And does have mandatory evacuations taking place.

@Kelevra, tell Mom that your smartypants friends (and Gov. DeSantis) say don’t go visit anyone in Tampa right now.

After having a generally shit day at work (all-day complete network/internet failure, combined with finding out that I’ve been signing off some paperwork for years that doesn’t quite comply with an obscure requirement in some procedures), I left work in such a rush this afternoon that I left my pen/pencil case on my desk. As I’ve ranted in previous threads, someone at work shares my taste in mechanical pencils, so I’m expecting to be missing a few tomorrow. :frowning:

Many rants today - I was up most of the night in pain, either from my infection or the dang heartburn from the antibiotics. The daughter woke up really early and I had to harass her to get her out the door. I get to work, still in pain, and find that my mouse was stolen off my desk. Just straight up taken. I lose my mind from my pain so I leave work early and go to the doctor. Apparently, the area doesn’t look bad, so even though there drainage, we aren’t going to do anything differently. But they did order an ultrasound. Except, according to the ultrasound place, their protocol says they should have also ordered a mammogram, so they won’t schedule it until the doctor orders the mammogram too. That was at 2 pm, no mammogram has been ordered yet. In the meantime, I’m to keep nursing the baby, and I can use a hot pack or take some Tylenol for my discomfort. If I’m not feeling better by Friday, I can follow up with the doctor.
Well, pending the ultrasound results, if that ever happens. Did I tell you nursing the baby is absolute agony?

It’s been a bad week, ok. Just a shit shit week.

I have a lunch group with three of my retired ex-coworkers. We usually meet at least once a month. One of them is so frustrating every time we do this. Today I got a text about meeting this week. Three of us decided that tomorrow or Wednesday would work. Mary? Mary? Nothing. Five hours later she responded that tomorrow would work for her. Within minutes three of us agreed on time and place. Mary? Mary? It’s two hours later and still nothing. Dammit, she had the phone in her hand. She knew we were setting up the details. It’s after 9 now and I’m thinking of just saying we should confirm it and hope Mary can join us. Grrrr.

I’m not saying everyone has to reply to texts immediately. I don’t always. But she does this all the time. When you are scheduling something, you should at least make more of an effort.

Which doesn’t contradict anything I said…?

I’m near enough to the hurricane to get some of it but it’s not expected to hit us hard.

Not sure what your point was here.

Sorry, I just thought that Kelevra was worried about his mother going towards a hurricane, and your “Meh” sounded like you weren’t concerned. But the anxiety wasn’t about anyone in Orlando, it was about this mom convinced she could brave the weather to go see her granddaughter: