Baby Gender Prediction

I have been lurking around here for some time and am now ready to post for my first time. So please be gentle with me.

I am not sure where this should go, but since it is not a great debate (I do not think) and since it is not really that pointless and is a question I have decided to post it here. If this is not the best forum Moderators please move it as necessary.

Here is the question, I have found a web page that predicts the gender of a baby with it says “99%” accuracy. It is supposed to be an old chinese lunar chart. In the couple of examples I have been able to obtain, it has predicted them.

The web site is as follows

My question: Is it possible (any research) that a woman’s body works differently based on the lunar cycle or a man’s body does in terms of the Xs or Ys that make it to the eventual goal?

I guess the Chinese have enough of a sample to be able to create such a chart.

Any thoughts?


I’ve seen discussions of this chart on various baby forums. It doesn’t seem to be particularly accurate. I have two kids and it was right the first time and wrong the second time.

Correction–I missed the part about “lunar” age. It was wrong both times.

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I tried it on my brother and myself. According to the chart, we should both be girls.

But let me assure you that we’re not. I can supply visual proof if necessary.

According to the chart, I should have been a boy and my brother should have been a girl.

I think there are a few glitches in the system…

No visual proof necessary Arnold.

It was right on my daughter, but wrong on myself and my sister.

I haven’t checked my wife.

But in our sample (those who have posted on this message) it does not seem to be 99% accurate Viper.

Try Sonagrams (sp) they are more likely to be right (unless your child is uncooperative).


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You know, so far this thing is amazingly INaccurate.

I’m curious, though, are people remembering that a full-term pregnancy is actually 40 weeks from conception, not nine months?