Having a baby? Predict the sex!

But only if you want to be parted from $14.99!

Iris sent me a link to predicting the sex of your baby. Not only will they predict the sex of your baby, but they’ll do it for the low low price of $14.99. And if your not satisfied they will refund your money.

Yes it sure is taking longer then we thought. I’m in the wrong business though, I need to start selling things like this on the internet, I bet I could make a fortune.

What a great idea! But why stop there? I can predict whether you are alive or dead. Send me $14.99 and I will tell you whether you are alive or dead!! If I guess wrong, your estate gets your money back!

I can predict with 50% accuracy that the sex of your baby will be a girl.

What? :smiley:

If you’re having a baby, the sex has already happened. No prediction necessary.


I predict no more sex for the next 20ish years.

D&R as well

I can predict with 100% accuracy whether you’re a sucker.