Baby girl born yesterday! Need name suggestions fast please

You’d give me a funny look if I told you I named my baby New South Wales, wouldn’t you?

Yes, but Victoria is good.

Ariana is also very beautiful, as is Indiana.

Other words that mean “spring” or “of the spring” in different languages:
Aviva (Hebrew)
Basanti (Sanskrit)
Cerelia (Latin)
Floreale (French - one of the Spring months from their Revolutionary calendar)
Vasanta (Tamil)
Tamiko (Japanese)

(some of these came from baby name sites, so the meaning may have been a little distorted for the sake of being poetic)

I also noticed that your baby girl was born on the first day of the Jewish new year. I don’t know how comfortable you are in terms of borrowing from other religions, but you could either go with the month on the Jewish calendar (Tishrei) or with one of the symbols of the holiday (Honey and Apple)

The usual Japanese word for Spring is “haru”, and Haruko is a common Japanese name for girls.

Persephone (per-SEF-o-nee) is the goddess of spring.
Demeter (DE-mitt-er or de-MEET-er) is her daughter.

From ancient greek:
Anthea = blossoms
Eiaros = Spring
Thallo = To bloom

Some spring-flowering flowers:
crocus, hyacinth, tulips, daffodils, lilies, irises

I agree. All are very beautiful names. As a matter of fact, my daughter’s name is on the list. It is interesting to me that in her entire grade, she is the only Anna but there are multiple kaitlyns, madisons, emilys and bries

My son also has a classic name. He held it alone in a graduating glass of 400. The joke in the family while choosing names is "Would it look good on letterhead with the title “CEO” after the name? If not, it is rejected.

I love the first choice.

Congratulations on the new baby!
I can’t wait to hear what name you decided on.

another vote on persephone. sephy (ie) or perry could be a nic.

there is laura on the horizon here in the atlantic tropical season. you could name her after the storm.

menodora, metrodora, and nymphodora have their saint or name day on sept. 23. the same week has anna (and hubby joachim) theodora, and cornelia.

sept. 30th is sophia and her daughters faith, hope, and love.

unless you just wanted to go with septima.

weren’t y’all thinking susanna? how 'bout shoshona, the root of that name?

Go Wiccan! Try Ostara (Spring Equinox – March) or Mabon (Autumnal Equinox – September).

There was a girl who lived across the street from us when I was growing up who was named September. Personally I really like Persephone.

“Blossom” itself is a name option. (Have a co-worker with the name “Blossoms” – yes, plural… sounds a little odd to me). “Lily” is a nice option from featherlou’s list. “Ariana” is cool! :cool:

Since you picked out Jenessa, do you want a ‘J’ name?


Other names that sound similar to Jenessa:


Ok, I had this brainstorm yesterday about a powerful name for a baby girl.

Avalanche! Call her Ava.

You’re welcome.

I think the standard for naming children is to try it on by shouting it out the back door a couple of times. :smiley:

Not a big fan of Jenessa. Sounds hokey. Leah is a wonderful name.

By that standard, if you live in the mountains, forget my suggestion.

This may or may not help you (probably not if I’m honest) but if you’re interested in the Irish terms, Earrach is Spring (pronounced Arrock- are{like the word are}-ock) and September is Meán Fómhair (man foh-ar). Don’t think they make very girly names unfortunately.

Demetria has long been one of my favorite names. AFAIK, it’s generally used by Greek people.

(and, incidentally, it’s Demi Moore’s given name. But that’s just trivia)

Lucy is a very simple name that is not at all common.

There are three or four on here I don’t like as much, but I think I can say fairly certainly that when I have a beautiful daughter the name will come back to something like what’s on this list.

As for the topic at hand, as a good Greek boy, I’ve always liked Demetria for that sort of thing, if you’re going to get that complicated.