Baby Ravens

Ever wonder about baby ravens? Doper ornithologists, amateur and otherwise, may enjoy this site.

I work for the phone company in the Arctic. For years we (the company) have had a pair of ravens nesting in one of the radio towers. The techs sorta adopted them, even making notes in the site logbook about them. This year, somebody had a brainstorm, and we put up a web camera above the nest.

Go to and click on the banner that says Ravencam. Requires Realplayer 8.

There is a rumor about eggs in the nest, but I haven’t seen them yet. What we all thought were eggs a couple weeks ago turned out to be down - not raven down either, wrong color - that they collected to line the nest.

If you see anything interesting, PLEASE note it in the on-line log.

Ive known alot of people that have had ravens and crows as pets, they would collect them out of the nest when they were little pinkies and raise them. They get to know you and bring you little treats, mainly stuff that is shiney, bottle caps, pennies and other silvery stuff. We had one named Yogi CrowMichael when I was little,all I remember is him taking my sucker from me.

Oh argh. My less-than-adequate computer fails me again. tisiphone, I am definitely checking that site out tomorrow when I get to work. And just to note: when the chicks do come, be prepared for some rather ugly looking birds. Corvid babies are rather like moldy tennis balls with loosely attached heads and feet. But when they feather out and open their eyes - what cuties with baby blues!

I checked that site out with a slightly better computer. I could see the nest, but the shadows made it difficult to see if Mom was brooding or not. And then it kicked me out. I want to see baby ravens so I’m going to keep trying!

In the meantime, here’s a peregrine falcon sitting on her nest on a building in Harrisburg PA. Great shot and she’s on eggs.

Mariah and Cabot-Sirocco (Peregrine Falcons) are nesting in Rochester, NY. She’s on 4 eggs, and there have been some great shots of C-S landing at the nestbox.

Hey, thanks for the link. Now I have another one to watch.

There seems to be at least a couple of eggs in the ravens nest, but it is hard to be sure. Whichever one is sitting on it is pretty darn protective. Wonder if I can con one of the radio guys into checking? Naah, scratch that - thou shalt not interfere with nesting birds, unless they’re chickens.

Looks kinda like both birds are brooding the nest, which is interesting.

Oooh, this is my first thread that didn’t die an ignominous (but quick) death. I’m so proud. :slight_smile:

Dang. I clicked on the ravens link & my computer promptly told me this was an illegal operation & crapped out on me.

However. When I was 13, we lived in Scotland. My mother used to feed birds, & one particular raven became tame enough to actually come in the house looking for food. My youngest brother was a little over a year old at the time, & called both the raven & myself “Ka-ka.” :slight_smile:

It disappeared. Either old age, or killed by a local crofter. Ravens are nototious for hanging around birthing ewes & eating the eyes out of the newborn lambs. Then when the ewe leaves, they eat the carrion. Ergo, they are fairly unpopular birds in the Highlands & Islands!