baby talk to animals

Ok, I admit it, I do this. I think I’m not alone here; I’ve noticed that plenty of other people do as well, both men and women.

My question is: why? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my cat for the world and I love her dearly, but she’s just a cat. It’s not like she understands what I’m saying. She knows maybe 4 or 5 english words, most of which are synonyms for food. So why does is it so easy to lapse into talking to a pet like you might to a human baby?


Its not what you say, its how you say it. Animals respond to your tone of voice (just like babies)so many of us talk to animals and babies the same way in order to assure them that they are safe with us and that we love them.

Try telling your cat she is a rotten little bitch in a sweet baby-talk tone of voice and watch her purr! Its actually a nice harmless stress reliever if you work with animals a lot - the cat that has just ripped you to shreds because you are trying to give it a pill is not going to be any nicer if you start swearing at it, but cooing ‘come on, you little shithead’ while trying to lure it out from under the water heater can do wonders for both of your tempers.


It’s worse. My roommates adopt these funny voices and speak FOR the animals. “Hello, I’d like my dinner now”(said like Walt Disney’s Goofy) when the dog comes into the room. That sort of thing.

Now they’ve got me doing it with my cat. “Feed me you hairless monkey, or I’ll shit in your closet!”. It seems my cat is far less amiable than the dog.

I do it ‘cuz when I do Dancer (the cutest lil’ puppy-wuppy in the world) gives me kisses. :slight_smile: