Back brace options?

Yes, I’m aware that none of you are my physician or physical therapist, even those who are in those professions. :slight_smile:

I’m 53 and female. I have recurring back pain in two different areas: upper back just below my shoulder blades (about the altitude of my bra band) which tends to be aggravated by extended periods of standing/slow walking (e.g. shopping, museum visit) or twisting (e.g. loading the dishwasher), and lower back a bit above the tailbone, off to the sides into the hip region more or less, aggravated by bending down for very long (e.g. scooping the cat litterbox) or lifting heavier objects. I am taking prescription-strength naproxen regularly and ibuprofen as needed per medical approval. I’ve also within the last week-ish started physical therapy for the back issue. I do sometimes wake up with my back already unhappy.

Medical diagnosis is spondylosis of lumbar spine, courtesy of X-rays. I’ve had arthritis-type pain in my hip joints for over 15 years. I am overweight, working on that. I have also had a couple of neck issues from car accidents (must be sure nice PT kid is aware of this, in case it’s relevant).

I did ask the physical therapist about use of a back brace, which he thought would be helpful. My problem is finding something that will cover the whole problem region from roughly bottom of shoulder blades to upper hips, and ideally wouldn’t be horribly conspicuous under clothing when I’m in public.

Any recommendations, sources, advice, etc?

Ankylosing spondilitus here. I’ve wondered if a brace could have my spine fused straight instead of bent.
Drug wise, I’ve taken several self injections drugs that worked well, simponi for the past few years. That also stopped a condition I’ve forgotten the name of, were the iris would adhere to another part of the eye.