Back of the Milk Carton Dopers

Everynow and then my mind wanders to a greener, happier SDMB, a place where children frolicked and everyone was carefree… what was I saying? Oh yeah, now and again it occurs to me that someone that I used to see here all the freakin’ time has sort of dropped out of our lives, seemingly forever. Oh, sure, occasionally they’ll wander back in from their LiveJournal induced haze, grab a beer out of the fridge, scratch themselves and burp, but then just as soon they are gone again.

So here are the names of some people I miss. I’ll forget some, my mind is like a sieve, but add anybody else, and maybe they’ll stop in and say hello, or maybe even phone in from a truckstop in Alburquerque.

In no particular order:

Gazoo (either one)
Spiritus Mundi

I’m sure there are a ton more, but I just remembered I have a meeting in 20 minutes. Please help me remember some more.
*I know that sometimes board conflicts drive some folks apart/away, but I still miss them anyway. I’m a nostalgic old fool.

I miss Crunchy Frog - I know he pops in from time to time, but I did enjoy when he hung around regularly.

I miss Zappo, too, even tho I read his LJ. And where’s Superdude been?

thinksnow posted last week (Oct. 3):

Zappo posted on Sept. 23:

Cranky posted a couple of days ago (Oct. 7):

Sophie posted on July 31:

racinchikki posts over at the UnaBoard, and she last posted here yesterday (Oct. 8):

Gazoo (one of them?) last posted on Aug. 31:

Spiritus Mundi last posted on Sept. 6:

ladyfoxfyre last posted on Oct. 6:

Alice_in_Wonderland last posted on Oct. 7:

And Fenris, who also posted on the UnaBoard, last posted here on Sept. 27:

So I suspect you’re just not frequenting the same threads, as most of the above people have posted recently.

Actually, I check this place out at least once a day still, I just don’t post with my previous regularity. A big part of the posting cut-back is that since I was laid off from AT&T, I don’t have a job where I’m bored 6 hours out of the workday.

I also find I’ve run out of interesting things to say.

I really miss Spiderwoman and Bumbazine. I think we lost Baloo somewhere along the way as well.

I miss Cessandra .
She should’ve given birth right about now.
4 kids!!!

Bumb is a regular visitor to Rue’s MMPs.

A few on your list now spend a lot of their time over at livejournal, including Cranky, Thinksnow, Sophie and Zappo. Check the SDMB Community for other dopers who have defected, although several people have different usernames. I’ll leave it up to them if they want to reveal themselves.

Biotop’s last post was the 12th of September, just before the big hurricane hit his state. It looks like he had plenty to keep him from posting, even without the storm, but it would be reassuring to hear from him. I sent him an email last Sunday morning asking for news. No answer yet.

You know who was here like crazy when I joined up and now not so much? (By “not so much” I mean “not at all”.) Born Dodgey.

And it’s too bad deepbluesea isn’t around to see how much betterly my spelling and grammar is now.

Carina42 moved and she didn’t take her keyboard with her. Bummer.

Yeah, I know they do, Francesca, but after a while on LJ it became apparent that frequenting both places was just too big a time drain for me. I chose to stay here because of the broader appeal. My point was that the ‘feel’ here is different now because of this. I just miss 'em is all. Even all those folks that dantheman found, you used to see them here all of the time, not just every week or so in one or two places.

And I have a hard time buying that Crunchy has run out of interesting things to say.

:smiley: Gaudere’s Law at work?

Or was I just whooshed?

I think so–your hair’s still kind of mussed up…

Rue is Gaudere’s lawyer.

I’ve been gone for 6-7 months, just got back a few days ago. Not that I posted enough to make anyone miss me, but I lurked ALOT. Most of the names mentioned are making me think, “They’re gone!? What the hell!?”

I expected things to be different, but it’s taking me a bit to adjust.

I remember you, too, Lady Ice. I think that you were in one of the first Doper Fantasy Football leagues, with your Lady Ice Cubes. And that you are a hockey fan. Hope I have that right?

I pop in from time to time (not that anyone cares,) usually in the Pit, and usually for just long enough to get into a protracted fight, then leave with a spleenload of ire, swearing I’m not coming back.

Yet here I am.

Have I been missing Manda Jo or are we ships sinking in the night?

Imthecowgodmoo was a blast!

And I’ve been asking where you are, sillyhead.