"Back page" ads (escorts, etc.)

So VeryCoolSpouse & I are out this evening, having a few cocktails and reading the local entertainment and etc. rag. Flipping through the back page type ads, in the “Busty Nurses” and “Big Booty” ads, most say “in or out” and one says “$60 in, $80 out.” Now we assume “in” means “at your place” and “out” means “somewhere else.” Is the extra $20 to cover a cheap (e.g. by the hour) motel room? Or does it mean something else? Neither of us has a clue.

For the difference between incall and outcall massage, check here:

Not an expert, but I do read Savage Love. I would assume that in meant at their place, and out meant at your place, and the extra $20 was to cover the cost of transportation. And dude, if you’re looking at sixty buck hookers, you’ve got to start paying more, seriously.

In means you go to them; out means they go to you. The extra cost reflects the time they lose off the job by having to travel to and from wherever you are.

Oh so that’s what it means. I was thinking, on a per-stroke basis, it could get expensive pretty quick… :stuck_out_tongue:

Never mind that. What I want to know is, what’ll happen after you went in, and then realise that you can’t afford to get out of there. :eek:

It could also be rather inexpensive for some of u… Some people! :wink:

I was thinking maybe it referred to where the guy… released. Out would be messier.

A conjoined visit to the nearest ATM will clearly be necessary.

When you get there, and nobody is saying it will be an easy ride, make sure she doesn’t see you enter your PIN. Banks are pretty tight on security these days and if your identity gets stolen you will have some serious explaining to do.

We have 8 kids. We can sometimes (not very often) spend $60 on an entire evening’s entertainment/getaway: dinner & drinks (happy hour with appetizers) plus a movie and babysitter and that’s it. Hookers? Fugeddaboudit.

They make you wash dishes.

mmm…happy hour…