What does "In and Out Calls" mean in ads for escort services?

So my co-worker and I are sitting here reading the Free Times ad sections, and we noticed all the “escort services” offer “In and Out Calls”. Are we just naive that we can’t figure out what that means?

I get that what an "escort service’ does is send you a girl nominally as date companionship, and that anything else you want to do you can negotiate with her privately. But we can’t quite figure out what this “in and out” thing can be slang for, because surely it dosen’t mean, er, in and out. Right?

Help, somebody?

Incall means you go to her place. Outcall means she comes to yours, or your hotel

My first thought was of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ in which the protagonist referred to intercourse as “the old in and out”.

In a way, they are all ‘in and out’ calls.

Don’t let those ads in the Free Times fool you. Your escort isn’t looking for you to buy her a hamburger.

You want fries with that?
No, not the hamburger silly!

But we don’t have In and Out burgers here!

Why would you or the “escort” want to go to her place? I see why an escort might require a hotel room rather than your house, but why hers?

You’re thinking too literally. Going to “her place” really means going to a motel room that she has rented (which you will end up paying for) or to an apartment building that is really a brothel. Either way, you will pay extra for the fact that she has provided the place for her to perform her services.

In case your curiosity gets the best of you… be aware that cops place escort service ads.

I always thought that “in” meant that the escort would go to your place, and “out” meant that you would actually be escorted on a date out someplace. Guess I was way off.

Depends on the individual escort. I’ve had an escort bring me into his home. Showed me pictures of his kids and everything and we became friends after.

I have always lamented the dearth of escort services that specifically offer that old ultraviolence in their marketing.

So now I wonder, are the cop ones the extra generic ads? Would cops be unable to come up with copy like the one that supposedly “flies new models in daily from around the world” (why exactly do they have that much turnover?) Would one be safer with an ad of maximum silliness?

Anybody know how much it runs to get a high-priced escort as opposed to a street prostitute? I’m sure markets just vary, and I’m not interested in doing it, I’m just curious. (And, surprise surprise, my local paper seems to be missing the male kind of escort.)

And does anybody use these services for a real escort, eg, a nice looking female date and that’s it? To the high school reunion, maybe? :slight_smile:

I won’t post any links since even though money paid to an escort is for his or her time I don’t want to get the Mods hinky about it.

In looking at some websites for female escorts in South Carolina I find one with these rates:

and another who says this:

So the answer is, it varies. On the other side of the block I find a male escort in SC going for $160 an hour outcalls only, another for $120 in/$150 out and a third for $175 for outcalls only. These are kind of on the low end of the price scale for male escorts; I’d typically expect one to charge $200 an hour, more if he’s a well-known porn star or otherwise has a reputation. A guy once quoted me $500 an hour, but that price is atypical and the guy had an inflated sense of his own value.

Oh my word. The things I end up looking up on Google, because of this board.

I searched for [“escort service” South Carolina] and one of the first links I got was for a listing of escorts. All escorts’ ads were obviously of the wink wink nudge nudge variety, but nestled amongst these listings was this from a 45-year-old guy from Romania:

Uh . . . I think he misunderstood the definition of “escort” in relation to this particular page, or else it’s a very clever whooosh.

Wow, more than a grand seems like a lot, but I’m glad she can command that much. I wonder how much she makes a year? And if she’s a good conversationalist?

Thanks, guys, for responding with such grace and detail. I can always rely on the SDMB for the answers to life’s little puzzles.

Escort is often/or a “private show”, where your “escort” will put on a “sex” show for you. The cost is about $150/hr. No actual sex is usually provided, but for more tips the girl will get closer & closer to it. “In call” can even mean her home.

There are also Outcall & Incall Massage services. If the ads seem sexy and don’t emphasise “theraputic” massage, then a “happy ending” (which is when they *complete * your massage to all your body, making sure everything is relaxed :wink: ) for a small extra. If she is paying especial attention to your buttocks and upper thighs with light sensous touches- that is a sign this is available. Argueable whether or not this is legal.

An escorts require you to come to their hotel rooms because then they can be sure there is no hidden camera with a load of cops in the next room waiting to bust them. Similarly, the risk of a customer beating them up is less in their own room.

Omit initial “an.”

BTW, dude, there used to be some “incall services” on Two Notch and on Decker–or so I’ve heard. . . .

I’m a girl, honest, and not interested in services.

But when I was a kid, the insult was “your mama works on Two Notch”.