Back to high school.

I went to a local high school today with some friends from the rainbow alliance to talk about Our Lives and Trials as Members of the Queer Community ™. We go twice a year to talk to a 10th grade health class, and it’s always a lot of fun.

The most interesting part for me is really the questions that some of the students ask. My favorites:

“So what can a woman do for you that a man can’t?”

-I looked at the girl next to me and burst out laughing; couldn’t help it. We managed to stammer out something reasonable despite wanting to say “Oh, honey, if you don’t know we’re not telling you.”

“Do you identify as a player?”

-That one was directed towards just me. Wasn’t expecting it- if I had, I would have said that I was a big lesbian pimp or something. Alas.

“So what gender kisses better?”

-Girls, clearly. :wink:

They’re always very respectful and the questions are generally great. I am going to be teased about my “identity” for awhile, though. Heh.

-Andy the Player

andygirl not to make light your preference in any way whatseoever, but being a male I also think that I might be a lesbian, 'cos I agree with every word you just said.

I just luurve women.

Caught@Work, what you said reminds me of a joke, which I better not tell. :smiley:

Not to trivialize andygirl’s preference, of course. :slight_smile:

Hey, I resent that! Although, it does mean I’m getting the better end of the deal, doesn’t it? Or, I would be getting the better end of the deal if I got anyone to kiss me.

Considering my experience… you are sooooo right.