Bacon Flavored Envelopes

Send your sweetie a love note in these bacon-flavored envelopes.

Remind me not to use any of those when sending letters to my pen pals in Iran or Israel.

(I don’t want to be accused of tempting them to eat pork!)

What is with making everything taste like bacon?

First off madmonk28,it’s BACON! Everything tastes better, if it tastes like bacon… unless you’re not allowed to have it for some cultural reason. :cool:

But… I do love that the Baconsalt company has branched out… new flavors of bacon salt are available (and I want them ALL), as are some very fun other things.

This is truly a case of a small guy doing well. I love capitalism!

I wonder if the Post Office would mind terribly from now on making stamps that taste like scrambled eggs with Velveeta and pico de gallo.

For the return address stickers, buttered toast.