Bacon: Four weeks beyond expiry

I don’t anticipate any issues with bacon, still sealed, which is about four and a half weeks before the BBF date.

If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, well, so long.

ETA: In case it wasn’t clear, I’m about to cook it now.

And… It was great.

So, shifting, what spawned the renaissance of bacon? Once the occasional Sunday breakfast food, it’s now a cult favourite.

And I must admit I freakin’ love the stuff. I just ate like 6 pieces as I was frying up a pound.

I might go back for more, AND I still have a pound in the fridge.

What gives, for bacon?

I’m so jealous! Dental procedures and the subsequent recuperation have put the kibosh on my bacon intake for over a year now. A year. Without bacon. But it won’t be long now and when the time comes, I’ma have myself a baconpalooza.

As to why the surge in popularity, I have no idea. No idea why it took some people so long to see the beauty of my favorite piggy product, that is. I sure am glad though, if for no other reason than now *all *the pizza places offer it as a topping which wasn’t always the case.

Knock yerself out, **Leaffan ** , and have a slice or five for me.

If you’re talking about commercially prepared bacon that’s been in a sealed package you’ll be fine. Your eyes and nose will tell you if it’s gone bad. You can freeze bacon, you won’t notice the difference after cooking.

The best storage temperature for bacon is six degrees centigrade.

And separate the slices, if you can.

What’s that in American? :wink:

I think the resurgence of bacon came with the low carb diet craze. the low carb craze made way for other diet fads but the bacon love stayed.

Let’s see, 30 days hath September … carry the one … don’t eat oysters in a month with a K in it… each man had seven wives… the bell hop has the extra dollar… that’s about 42.8 degrees in real temperature.

I think you’ll find that Celsius is the real measure of temperature and Fahrenheit is the stupid one that Americans are the only people on the planet crazy enough not to have ditched… yet.

I loved bacon before loving bacon was cool, I’m like a bacon hipster.

Years ago when I was in IT, the café manager brought me a plate of bacon to bribe into helping him with his computer. I said that I would’ve helped him anyway but I still ate the bacon.

An American Bacon Carol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
“Bacon-Blessed Be All…! Every One!!!”