Is this the summer of fast food bacon or something?

Taco Bell, Arby’s, and Wendy’s are all advertising bacon related special items. What the hell is going on?


Don’t forget Little Caesars. They have a pepperoni and bacon pan pizza completely wrapped around the edge with 3 1/2 feet of bacon.

Someone at Fast Food Marketing, Inc found the internet from 2010?

Beef has gotten really expensive?

It’s trendy, and they all copy each other. Remember last year, when pretzel buns were all the rage and most fast food joints had them?

And they’re always looking for new things to do with pizza. Tom Siedell said it’s a crisis that we may be running out of things to put into a pizza crust.

Maybe bacon has gotten cheap.

7-11 has bacon-wrapped hot dogs as well.

Last year, the trendy item was pretzel rolls (hamburgers, bagels, etc. with the look & taste of a soft-baked pretzel). This year, it’s bacon.

That’s what I was wondering. Hasn’t this been going on for at least five years? I’ve been waiting for this bacon trend to die, but it’s been going strong year after year. Look, I like bacon, but I don’t need it on everything.

Fast food sales have been stagnating and bacon is an easy way to create LTOs without a lot of expense or revamping of the line as they usually already have something on the menu that uses bacon.

Maybe the USDA could classify bacon as a new food group.

Little Caesars has gotten into the act there, too, with their pretzel crust pizza. Really good, by the way.

The year before that, it was brioche buns. A few years before that it was chipotle. Before that it was ciabatta. Before that, everything had to be “Angus”.

Yeah, bacon is the latest foodie fad. Next in the “I like it because everybody else likes it” category: Kale. You heard it here first.

Not everyone.

But the thing is, it isn’t. It was a fad before sriracha, brioche, pretzel buns, etc. Chipotle might predate it. I’m not even sure I could call it a “fad” anymore, as it’s persisted for so long, much to my chagrin. And kale was faddish for the past year or two (or maybe longer). Maybe not fast-food faddish, but faddish enough that you can buy kale chips (like potato chips) at grocery stores.

Ya know, a Black Angus and bacon chipotle burger on a ciabatta bun really sounds awfully good right now, regardless of what year it is.

Speaking of, here’s an article from this year declaring the bacon and kale fad to be over.
Here’s an article from 2014 declaring the bacon fad to be over. Here’s one from 2012. Here’s one from 2009 (from what appears to be the start of it.) But no matter, it still continues.

I wouldn’t eat a five year old burger no matter what’s on it.