Bad, bad, bad Beck and the big Snow in the southland

Excellent summary, RTF! I fail to understand why folks want gov’t to fail so badly that they are willing to hurt the people who put them in office and gave them a salary, but there it is.

On the subject of winter, it was a joy in my childhood and much of my adulthood. But I am so over it this year. Partly because of Covid and spending too long alone, but also because I have arthritis and a bad back and those things are not good when the temp is -20F and everything is iced over. I might have to do something about it soon.

Brave, brave Sir Teddy!
When danger reared its ugly head
he bravely turned around and fled
brave, brave Sir Teddy!

A US Senator is a powerful person. He can go to bat for his state. He can pull strings. He can advise constituents where to turn. He can help his state government coordinate with FEMA. But he can’t do that in Senor Frogs in Cancun.

Ted Cruz was feeling awful cold
The power failure was systemic.
Why not fill up on Cuervo Gold?
The sun’s more fun than a pandemic.

Hey, folks, this isn’t P&E This is MPTIMS. Can y’all please drop the politics and return to our regularly scheduled bitching about bad bad bad snow?


We’ll go back to begging Beck for footprints in the snow. Please??

Sorry about that. It’s just I don’t often have a chance to channel my inner Python.

We had strange foot prints all around the house in the deep snow. We fretted, thought about it, shivered in our collective boots (well, I had on Crocs and socks, not good in snow, btw)
Til, smarty pants Hamza told us they were common kid sized rubber boot tracks that had begun to thaw. Thereby making them look huge. No danger at all.
He’s a party pooper.

I may not let him eat leftovers, tonight.

Hamza’s back?


Did he ever leave? :slight_smile:

He did go to work last September. He’s been back and forth.

I know the fright of seeing giant footprints. I had some around my house last winter. Wasn’t sure if it was a Yeti or just a giant bear. I sent a friend pictures of the prints. He replied back, “what you have there are the prints of the rear end of a bunny rabbit hopping through the snow.” It was kind of a letdown, really.

Yeti he ain’t no Bigfoot.that looks right, but it don’t sound right

Beck, dearie, have you been into the moonshine? :slight_smile:

Even Bayliss?

I get that feeling - I live 28 miles from Mt. Hood, if I want to see snow, I’ll drive up there, do not need it on the ground at my farm. Oddly enough, we only got hit with 6" of ice and snow on the farm (el. 1200’+/-), and only lost power for about 6 hours total. The shop I work for, just 14 miles from me (and 600’ lower in elevation) got hit with 12"+, my folks in Vancouver, WA got hit with 18". PDX was a mess, and they still don’t have all the power back on south of the metro area.

I think that was aimed mostly at me, and yeah, I did overstep more than a wee bit there.

My apologies, @puzzlegal. :slight_smile:

I find it hard to keep track of what forum I’m in in the new software. :frowning:

I took a hard left to the pit one time.