Bad, bad, bad Beck-da-wrek is on (as in dependent on) Goof-o-da-balls. Uh-oh!

No excuses. But, I didn’t even know it.

I have had my issues. About 17 accidents. Surgeries. Glucose events. Sleep walking. Pnuemonia. Posting and texting weird crap to peeps.

I didn’t know it but while I was hospitalized last week they began tapering me off the junk.
Mr.W and kids had a zoom call with my PC. He agreed I’ve had too many accidents lately.
I would list them but I think everyone already knows.

I agree I was a junky. But, dang it, I missed the party. I’m pretty sure I cried more than jollied it up.

Isn’t that just sad?
My life never ceases to amaze me.

Sorry. That thread title is just bad.:flushed:

Junk=corn dogs, tacos, chocolate?

Best wishes on this journey, Dear Beck. It’s a rough road, indeed. Maybe at the end, your family won’t worry as much.


@VOW , I am a fetisher of certain foods. It comes from being on food restrictions my whole life.

I just couldn’t recognize, for some reason how much opiates I was really taking.

I hope I wasn’t private messaging anyone on the board crazy crap. If I did, don’t tell me. Just disregard it.
I’ve looked thru my replies and they look ok. That was just my regular crazy coming out😳

Nothing crazy came my way, Beck. Sending good vibes for you!

Beck honey, it happens so easily. No one sets out to become a hop-head (that’s my grandma speaking, she got hooked on medication too). There’s nothing to forgive, but a whole lot to be concerned about. Thanks to your family for speaking up and good luck to you.

We all love you here so we are here if you need our help in your effort to overcome this. Hell, we’re always here waiting for your next post anyway. Sending you support.


I’m really having a easy time of it. I do have some minor pain in my ribs. I’m thinking healing more will alieviate that.
I’m taking things kinda low key.

No surprises at dialysis today which was comforting.

I feel blessed that it was caught pretty early. And I have help.

I don’t know how a person can do this alone.
My Straight-Dope family really does help.
People you live with sometimes think you’re just strange.
And the Dopers think I’m…umm, yeah, y’all think I’m crazy too.:flushed:
Oh well, that sentiment didn’t quite work out the way I thought it might🤭

Love you guys!


We love you right back.

Hang in there. One foot in front of the other, a minute at a time, then an hour at a time. It will get to be a day at a time. Lean on others, us included. Especially us, perhaps. I have some experience at doing what you’re doing. PM me if you’d like. Every day will get easier, I promise.

Thx, sweetie.
I’m feeling more my crazy self everyday.

I generally feel really tired but good


Wait - you weren’t serious? We’re not getting married? Crap! Now I have to get a hold of that divorce lawyer and cancel the papers…

In all seriousness, good luck and God bless. You know that we’re all behind you hoping for the best. Although, if your altered mental state is what allowed you to “adopt” a possum, that would explain a lot!

Clarence the awesome 'possum just figures into my normal everyday craziness.

When I went out to check on him this morning, I was talking to him and he put his two hands on the toe of my shoes and just looked up at my face, wiggling his widdle nose. He understood me. I swear.

He adores you, Beck. <3

I sometimes, look at him and think this about the most insane thing in the world.
Then I remembered the little tiny intellectually handicapped Yorkie I hand fed and eyedropper watered everyday for 10 years. (She always put her paws on the toes of my shoes)

Some people just have all the luck.
I guess

Understatement Level: British

Yeah, but you’re our kind of crazy. Wishing you the very best, Beck, and knowing you can beat this. I sure wish someone would invent painkillers that are highly effective but don’t get people high or addicted.

Crazy? Hell, I wound not think you were crazy unless you took the cats out hunting, made the dogs play with a ball of yarn, and plugged Clarence with a 410.

I would venture to say that most of us think you are effing brilliant.

I’ve never been called brilliant.

{I want to quote Beck’s post, and I can’t get the quote thingie to work. Guess who obviously ISN’T brilliant?}

Oh. :sob:

I think you are.


You are a brilliant cut diamond Beck. So, maybe you need a trip the jewelers for a polish but if you did that, Clarence might not recognize you.

Ooh, I like that.

Seriously I’m not so smart.
I’m kinda well read but not brilliant.

I love y’all saying that about me. Makes me blush.