Bad, bad, bad Prank night at the Wrek insane asylum...(and crazy hat night)

That’s what deer camp is for.

There was a girl involved. I did not want to annoy her brother.

Sounds legit🤗

Re: deer heads

(pause for shiver)

Perhaps, perhaps, they are used for tamales?

Here in SCal, markets with a significant Mexican-American clientele will sell beef and pork heads for tamale makings peeps.

This is the time of year when distracted mommies who are concentrating on “getting all the stuff on the damned list” and not paying much attention to either the kiddies in the shopping cart or the stuff on the shelves in the Meat Department.

A little kid comes face-to-face with a skinned pig head…well, you get the picture.

Excuse me, I think I have to go throw up now…


Hog feet and the grocery meat counter affected the Lil’wrekker at an impressionable time in her life.
She claims she has PTSD.


I probably shouldn’t even be posting, I’m not in a very good mood today.

So I won’t say what I planned on saying.


Stepdaughter v. 2.0, a nice ten year old Jewish Girl from New England, was not impressed that a Little Rock grocery sold pig’s feet in milk gravy.
I was not impressed, either.

Any East Tennessee hillbilly knows you use a feist for squirrels. Curs are for raccoons and maybe foxes.

I’m a believer that, if you are going to kill an animal for food, you should use that animal up completely. That makes me okay with leather shoes, clothes, couches, hooves for glue, etc. That animal gave its life for you. So yes, I’m okay with trotters; there’s a surprising amount of meat there. I’m not quite as sure about brains unless it is well-cooked. Fun fact: bison brain was oft et raw and warm rather than let it go to waste. It is full of trace minerals and nutrients that are removed by cooking. Gross, yes. But practical for the nomads of the plains.

Feel better, sis.
No worries.:pensive:

Have you heard anything from Beck in the past day?

She started a thread here in MPSIMS about her husband’s hunting dog yesterday; Discourse says she was last seen here 51 minutes ago.

Huh. We were in the middle of a conversation 26 hours ago, then nada. Of course, I default to, ‘Was it something I said?’

I’m ok. I’ve been reading but not posting.
I didn’t feel clear headed enough to post. I’ve had a kerfuffle in my health care, A—gain.
But I’ll get thru this too.

Oh dear, heal fast, heal well.

Sorry to hear that, Beck. Wishing you the best as one of my very favourite posters and an all-around wonderful person who somehow manages to endure the craziest life of anyone I know!

Also …

Piffle and balderdash, forsooth! My mother would occasionally make a traditional dish with pigs’ feet that was basically a variant (or at least a close relative) of head cheese. This has a number of different forms and is common to many cultures around the world under different names, particularly in Europe. It can be in the form of a cold cut that is sliced, but also a dish that is served on a plate or in a bowl. In the latter form it’s basically a savoury aspic with bits of pork in it, basically jellied pork, and looked something like the stuff in the center here. I enjoyed it even as a kid. Notwithstanding the name, it has nothing to do with any creature’s head and the main ingredient is pigs’ feet upon which is bestowed a lot of labour-intensive cookery.

I can see that anyone even slightly concerned about kosher being shocked, but that sounds disgusting even if one is not Jewish! When my mother made her version of head cheese, we’d season it with a drizzle of vinegar. Having anything like that with milk gravy would be like having roast beef with ice cream gravy. :nauseated_face:

Thx, @wolfpup
Kind words are always appreciated.
Oh, god that headcheese stuff is kinda gross. The Piggly wiggly store makes their own version. It smells good in there when they cook it. But looks disgusting.