You can NOT top this...

for cute. Sorry, can’t be done, don’t even try.
Mr. Winkle

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Mr. Winkle’s Movie
And yes, he’s real. He’s going to be appearing at a Borders in my neighborhood in November… I have to meet him! He has mesmerized me with his cuteness and now I am nothing but a slave to Mr. Winkle’s will! You will be too, when you meet him…

OMG Stoidela ! I am overdosing on the cutness !

Turning diabetic
Think I’m turning diabetic
I really think so…
That calendar is so sweet my back teeth just rotted out.

Egads, I think I am going to have nightmares! What the hell is that thing? It looks like a shaved down, old pomeranian that crossed paths with a crazed taxidermist! I waited and waited for the movie to download, but after about 10 minutes I got bored. Maybe it’s better that I didn’t see it!

Dear Lord what the hell is that thing? ::hurls politely in a bucket::

Why would anyone want a calendar of that monstrosity?

Did somebody strangle and taxidermy Snugglebear? This is definitely a new definition of ‘cute’ tht I have never encountered before. And is that a zipper on the torso? At least they could have tried to put him in a fake tuxeudo.

The name, however, is a hoot.

:walks off, trying to stifle laughter:

Oh, Lord. It’s Bad Andy. Somebody call the Noid, please?

LMAO. Seriously, what the hell is that thing? There’s no way it’s a dog. I don’t find it cute. I think it is seriously disturbing.

If Mr. Winkle holds still, I think I could probably kick him 35-40 yards through the uprights for 3 points, but he’ll get no points for cuteness.

Tiny little dog thing wearing what looks like clothes…


I little duct tape to hold his legs into his body will accomplish two things. He won’t be able to go anywhere and you could probably get some good spin on the kick.

Duct tape…is there anything it can’t do?

That movie is just SO WEIRD!!

They say that pets tend to look like their owners. That dogs owner…

Hello Kitty, it’s true!

Mr. Winkle makes me feel all oogy inside.

That foul creature was on CNN Headline News this morning and it almost made me lose my breakfast. Those damn humorous news bits that finish out the 30 minutes of news are usually pretty lame, but this one took the cake. Poor Jeanne Moos, doing lame-o giggle news bits for the rest of her life…and to think she’s gone from interviewing Mikhail Gorbachev to asking kids if they’d eat green ketchup…how I pity her.

Oh…my…GOD. What did they do? Stick a stuffed dog’s head on a cat? Skin a cat and dress a dog in it? I don’t understand! My eyes burn! AHHHHHH!!

Please…tell me that, someday…the nightmares will stop?

<falls on ground in fetal position, quivering>

Why politely?

::hurls violently in the street::

That is bad.

If it were alive, I’d bring the loveable, little waif home and feed it to the snake.

I’m calling Letterman to see if he can bring back “Things you would like to see crushed in a 10,000 pound press”.

This qualifies.

I’d watch.

Hell… I’d pay to watch.

I didn’t see the movie, (don’t have Quick Time) but I think he’s cute too Stoidela and I really don’t understand everyone’s attitude here.

“Look, something cute! Must ridicule!”

“Is it a dog, what is it, I don’t understand! Must lash out with violent comments!”

Primaflora called it a monstrosity. I’m sure she would never say that about a child who looks “different”, just animals.

Aglarond finds it disturbing because he doesn’t think it’s a dog and doesn’t know what it is.
(Oh no, something I do not understand! And we all know the unknown is something to fear, right?)

xizor wants to kick a field goal with it, gives no reason. Of course Aglarond comes back to assist with some duct tape.

monkeylucifer calls it a ‘foul creature’ Why, because it looks different?

filthy and Feynn devise ways to kill it for no reason that I can imagine other than it’s ‘cuteness’

What I find disturbing is the attitude of people here acting this way simply because they don’t understand what it is. I expected the intellectual level of the posters here to be higher than that.

It’s one thing to make fun of the overly-sweetness of the photographs, but you people are being cruel to the animal itself, which cannot help the way it is anymore than a retarded child can help the way he was born.

I am an animal lover (not PETA-fanatical, but I abhor needless violence to animals). I have volunteered at animal shelters, I have seen what needless abuse to animals looks like. It’s disgusting. It’s heart-breaking. I had to stop volunteering because I couldn’t stand to see abused animals put to sleep because they had been so horribly mistreated that they could no longer function as someone’s pet.

Making fun of the calendar and the pictures is one thing. Making fun of the animal itself because it’s different and making jokes about inflicting physical harm on the animal just because it’s different is not fucking funny. That’s just small-minded and cruel.

Somebody needs a sense of humor…