Bad Boys II -- blech

I was forced to endure Bad Boys II, broadcast on Fox last night. I missed a Simpsons rerun for this?

Will Smith is a very cool actor. I like almost all of his movies. But not this one.

The plot was horrible. The movie stumbles from one disconnected plot point to the next. It had the feel that the director wanted show off his awesome cinematography and special-effects skills and threw bits of several stories together. And the ending! They invade Cuba?! My suspension of disbelief was wholly unconvinced.

It was more like a wanna-be James Bond movie than a cop movie. Or the fantasy of a Cuban-exile cop.

Yeah I think the movie had almost too much action. They went through all that stuff and then like another twenty minute fiasco in Cuba!

I saw it in the theatre with some friends because there were no good comedies playing and that’s what we were looking for.

It was horrendously bad. I’d put it behind only Transporter 2 as action movies that I would watch for a laugh.