Bad day for the letter K.

First, this old KKK gets convicted for those civil rights killings, then 6 Krispy Kreme officers get ousted.

I’d avoid KOA Kampgrounds today if I were you.

meant for MPIMS.

*Emphasis mine

Hee hee!

I honestly that was going to have something to do with police officers.

Indeed, and once again Terri Schiavo is in the news talking about the potassium imbalance which caused her original collapse. What is the chemical symbol for potassium? K

Terri Schiavo collapsed because of a K imbalance. Makes you wonder if this a bad day for the letter, or if the letter holds some sort of evil power in and of itself, doesn’t it?


To top it off, Sesame Street has announced they will no longer be accepting episode sponsorships from the letter K due to its recent troubles.

As long as this fucker isn’t in the news, I think we can weather the rest of it.

Today’s program was brought to you by a very smug letter J.

I’ll move it to MPSIMS, instead.

Someone hold me.


Hallelujah! It’s a miracle!

And to think, those godless secular humanist Communistic liberals said she had no hope of recovery.

Unless she’s claiming that, say, human brains are rich in potassium and she therefore needs lots of those. That would be kind of ominous.

:: eyes the Krackel bar sitting nearby with suspicion ::