Bad day. Same as last year...

Picunurse, I remember being so awestruck by how incredibly brave you were to share that story here on the boards. I cried that day I read it, and many times when I think of it again, I tear up.

My son suffers from depression and I know that is my worst nightmare.

I’m lighting a candle for you and sending you prayers of peace tonight. Sweetly Be.


sneaks into the group hug around picu


I know I don’t post here often, but I sure read a lot. I know you don’t know me from anyone, but we share a couple of things.

  1. I work in a hospital (goofing off right now to type this)
  2. We share the worst day ever. Your son passed away on the exact same day as my father. (EXACT same day)

Good feelings sent your way. Hope that helps. Also, I will think good thoughts in your direction every 6/26, every year.


Thank you, everyone. I’m better today.
Hubby had to be away yesterday until 5:00 PM. He helped a co-worker move ferry cars around. (One on each side, to be able to use the foot ferry, which is cheaper.) It took all day because it’s tourist season and the lines were long.
He came home sunburned, :rolleyes: tired and hungry. I gave him medicine for pain, a tuna sandwich and lured him to bedwith his favorite pillow. We both slept until 11:00 PM. I had no excuse to do so, except to hide. I guess it did some good. I more my old chipper self today.
You guys are the greatest!