Bad fast food you must have

One holiday my best fiend was visiting his mom, and I was hanging out with him. He said, ‘So, Johnny… Up for some Wienerschnitzel chili cheese dogs?’ Of course. His mom said, ‘Oh, don’t do that! I have some meatloaf I can heat up!’ My friend said, ‘Mom. Chili cheese dogs. It’s a guy thing.’ Yep. There are better hot dogs, and better chili cheese dogs. But sometimes ya just gotta have 'em from Wienerschnitzel. (And my friend was living in a place that had no Wienerschnitzels.)

Jack-In-The-Box tacos are the same. Pretty disgusting meat-paste and American cheese in a shell dripping with grease. But two or three times a year, a guy’s just gotta drop the 99¢ for a pair of Jack-In-The-Box tacos.

What are your fast-food ‘guilty pleasures’?

Jack in the Box tacos. They’re not just for guys anymore. :slight_smile:

I can eat 6 of them before I start feeling icky…

White Castle sliders

Six! You da man!

McDonald’s Double Cheesburgers. About once a week I get a craving for one. And for a buck, they’re hard to beat.
And also Arby’s Beef ‘n’ Cheddars. I get coupons from them all the time, plus I also do the little surveys they have on the reciepts where if you call in and answer their questions they’ll give you a code for a free sandwich.

Jack in the Box bacon Cheddar potato wedges, with sour cream. My private nickname for them is “heart attack potatoes,” but I still have to have them once in a while.

Big Macs. I only eat one maybe once or twice a year, but when the craving hits, I gotta have 2 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

Looks like the growing trend is “anything at Jack in the Box.” Oh, and regarding JitB tacos, let me say the craving is *really *bad once you move to an area where there are no Jack in the Boxes… Strangely enough, their “bad” (yet oh-so-delicious) tacos are probably a lot closer to “authentic” Mexican tacos since it’s my understanding that authentic tacos are filled and then deep-fried whole. Granted, they’re probably not filled with the Alpo dog food mixture found in JitB tacos, but I don’t care.

But yeah, Jack in the Box tacos are probably my ultimate weakness.

A Wendy’s double. Large fries and a Dr. Pepper.

Or a Five Dolla no Holla from Little Caesar’s.

The Cajun rice and biscuits from Popeye’s. I will usually skip the chicken entirely and just order than. This is maybe once or twice a year and always under cover of night. I don’t want people thinking I’m a weirdo or anything.

KFC’s “Sadness Pile in a Failure Bowl”. At least once a year.

I’m a sick man. I need help.

Double QP with cheese. I don’t know what it is about those things–they’re really crap hamburgers, but they taste SO GOOD for some reason.

I totally miss Taco Bell’s Big Beef Burrito. Just a pile of beef and cheese and onions in a tortilla. If they still had those, I’d get Taco Bell a lot more often.

I also often crave original White Castles with double pickles.

McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish with extra sauce. I rationalize eating them by telling myself that they’re fish and its good for me

Wendy’s junior bacon cheeseburger. Burger King Whopper junior (for some reason, the full size isn’t half as good), and onion rings. The round thing - crunchwrap? - at Taco Bell. Even better - a slice of pizza from the Hess gas station, paid for with a handful of loose change! All these things are even tastier during Christmas shopping season and are the ‘carrot at the end of the stick’ insofar as getting motivated to get out there. I mean, I need the energy - a granola bar and a bottle of water only goes so far.

Little tip- you may or may not like it, depending on your tastes- but I like to order my Mc Donald’s filet of fish with extra sauce and the dehydrated/rehydrated onions that they normally use on their hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Then, I sometimes dip the sandwich in ketchup. Sounds gross, but it’s great! Just a little trick or bad habit, depending which side of the dividing line you fall on, that I learned as an employee tired of the same Mickie D’s every night for meal break.

How odd. When I saw the title, I immediately thought of Weinerschnitzel chili-cheese dogs.

Just outside of Middlebury, there’s an A&W drive-in, with car hops on rollerblades (a concession to modernity). Just like it used to be, you sit in the car, they bring your food on the tray, which attaches to your window, and the burgers are still sized according to your position in the family.

Put me down for Taco Bell- the trick is the Lava Sauce- douse anything in it, and it’ll def. taste better by far…

And every so often, I gotta get a Fileto-o-fish and a medium vanilla milkshake at McD’s

Carl’s Jr Western Bacon Cheese Burger.

I moved from California to Midwest. No Carls here.

And when I lived in California, I never ever ate anything at Jack In The Box.

But I loved Weinerschnitzel

No love for Nathan’s?

I must have a Nathan’s double cheeseburger now and again. Best burgers around.