Wienerschnitzel Chili Dogs!

Wienerschnitzel chili-cheese dogs are not what you would call “good”. People will scoff at them and say things like, “If you want a real dog, you have to go to [such-and-such a place] in Chicago!” But that’s not the point. Wienerschnitzel chili cheese dogs are good the same way Jack in the Box tacos are good: They’re good because they’re somewhat sleazy. And they taste good.

In L.A. I could get Wienerschnitzel chili-cheese dogs any time I wanted. There was a Wienerschnitzel somewhat out of my way in L.A. There was one on the way to work. There was one near the office. Now that I’m in the PMW there is a decided dearth of Wienerschnitzels. The nearest one is in Burlington, some 40 miles away from my house. Well, a couple of friends and I went down to Burlington to see Fahrenheit 9/11. We weren’t very familiar with the area, so we missed the turn to the freeway on the way home. No matter. Instead of making a U-turn, I’d just continue south to the next on-ramp.

And there it was on the left. Wienerschnitzel. Joy! I pulled in and got a 10-pack of chili-cheese dogs. One of my friends didn’t want any, and the other wanted three. After dropping the one guy off in Bellingham, my friend and I came over to my place to watch The Hills Have Eyes. We both had two chili-cheese dogs. Boy! were they good! I heated one up for breakfast this morning. I have five more in the fridge.

I was at my friend’s mom’s house in Lancaster a couple of years ago. My firend and I decided to get some dogs. His mom said, “But I can make something!” My friend said, “Mom. Wienerschnitzel chili-cheese dogs. It’s a guy-thing.” Sometimes you just have to have a couple of Wienerschnitzel’s chili-cheese dogs. :slight_smile:

Yes, Wienerschnitzel chili-cheese dogs are damn good. I lived in Tulsa years ago and they had Wienerschnitzels there then. Damn, they were good. I wish you hadn’t brought this up, now I want one really bad.

Make that four more in the fridge. :smiley:

Mmmmmm…chili-cheese dogs. [slobber]

Even better…bacon chili-cheese dogs!

Johnny L.A., if you want to know where something is around you, just ask. I have relatives in Burlington, Mt. Vernon, and Seedro Wooley who have been there forever. Ditto needing any political pull - my uncle is heavily wired into the Skagit County Democratic Party, and is very well respected in political circles statewide. Just ask… :smiley:

Whew! When I read the title I was thinking what the HELL kinda of combo is Wienerschitzel, cheese, and chili?! But I see now this is a PLACE. Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those places down here in the Puyallup area, but I could be wrong.

Taters, yep. They’re little drive through hot dog restaurants. Mmmm…good stuff!

Taters: For many years they were known as Der Wienerschnitzel. Eventually, I guess they got enough flack about “Wienerschnitzel” being gender-neutral (i.e., “das Wienerschnitzel”) and they changed the name. Incidentally, they don’t serve Wienerschnitzel.

I don’t get into Skagit very often. I’m in Birch Bay, so it’s a bit of a drive. But if your uncle can find me a good job, I’d be glad to hear of it! (I have nine years of data processing and analysis on military flight test projects and nine years of experience in corporate accounts receivable data processing and analysis. Right now I’m making CAD drawings for less than half of my previous salary, and am not working 40 hours per week either. :frowning: )

Oh, man. Just the thread title alone made me have an involuntary salivary response.

(transplanted Californio who’s spent way too much time off the West Coast)

Yeah, I was down in Coney Island today for the Mermaid Parade.

And I was dyin’ for an Original Nathan’s Chili Dog, but the line was thirty deep at the counter with other pervos who were there to see the half-naked women in fish-tails.

Nathan’s chili dogs kind of suck…the chili is remarkably deficient in meat, and the beans seem to be discolored navies, rather than any sort of bean a real person might want to put in his chili.

But give me a couple of those suckers, plus the crinkle-cut fries with extra salt and a big schooner of some cheap Brooklyn beer like Rheingold, and I am in hot dog heaven.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m heading back down to Coney for the Cyclones ballgame, and I’ll be getting there early to hit Nathan’s for my fix.

Anyhow, that’s the frankfurter report from the other coast.

Oh, now, we’re not going to go there, are we? Uke, I respect you in most every way, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and it’s called college, when one can put beans in what they call chile and abjure the most sacred names, etc.

Tell me it ain’t so!

And then there were two…

Oh, man! Now I’m hungry. You realize that there is a Weinerschnitzel 3 blocks from my house, right? <sigh> I guess I know what’s for lunch today… :smiley:

Sure, there’s Wienerschnitzel Chili Dogs, but you fail to mention the original Los Angeles Gutbomb: The Tommy’s Chili Cheese Dog.

I am so glad that there’s not a Tommy’s too close by. It’s bad enough there’s a Fatburger here.

If you want to put on your best Texas ten-gallon hat and go shake your fists at Nathan’s (and every other chili-dog parlor between Bangor and Baja), be my guest, but I’ll be wearing these here dark glasses and pretending not to know you.

I’m pleased to debate chili technique when we’re all being SERIOUS about our Bowls O’ Red…but when it comes to hot dog stands, you can’t fight City Hall, y’know?

I keep seeing Weinerschnitzels around here, but I haven’t yet tried one. It feels like I’d be cheating, somehow, since I’ve already pledged my love. It’s a pure love, the love of the best chili dogs available on the planet, which are from The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia. What’ll ya have what’ll ya have?