Bad Geese, Bad Geese, Whatchoo Gonna Do? Whatchoo gonna do, when dey come for you? Newslink

Young Geese gunned down in drive-by shootings. Where does it all end?

…reports of a local child yelling, “Duck…! Duck, Goose…!” before the shooting have not yet been substantiated…

I was pleased to see Ohio has a Canada goose hunting season. Unfortunately it appears confined to the Lake Erie Marsh Zone and you can only bag 9 of them.

I’d like a 9 month season statewide*, to permit shooting them from cars without a license. Nasty, slimy-poop-exuding things.

*excluding the raising and shepherding the temporarily cute gosling season.

Are you nuts? Those fuckers are at their worst during that stage.

Over twenty years ago it was front page news in our paper when four Canada geese stopped off at our cemetery pond to spend some time with the domestic ducks and geese there.

Next year they brought a few friends along.

The year after that the pond got a little crowded.

And the year after THAT they didn’t leave. Why should they? Safe from predators, people feed them.

Now instead of “Cool, geese!” It’s “*&^%$#@ geese!” They poop everywhere, and have also found other ponds in town. When I walk my dog in the park I have to be careful where I step, and be sure the dog doesn’t get in the poop.

I hate geeses to pieces!

I hear the fuckers are greasy as hell.

Fucking overgrown pigeons. Oft ill-tempered too.

Ah, someone my own age who watched Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks!


I think the reasons Canadians are so polite is because the geese took up all of the rudeness.

Even though the one in the story wasn’t a Canadian Goose, I agree with you. We have (many) residential geese & some migratory ones. Since they’re considered a migratory species, they are protected. Why can’t the residential ones be “culled” in non-migratory months?