Bad Lip Reading: NFL Version

One of my FB friends posted this: Bad Lip Reading Is Back with Another Hilarious NFL Version

I was tearing up, it was so funny! (Or maybe I have a low threshold for hilarity. Or allergies.) Here’s a sampling:

‘Shortly I came across a wooden stick.’
‘A half and a half ain’t an apple.’
‘Never lease a cat.’
‘Hello, little piggie!’

This is great!:smiley:

Here’s the previous one. :smiley:

Those are certainly funny.

A few years back someone had done something similar with Joe Cocker’s performance at Woodstock.

Unfortunately it was summarily pulled from Youtube for copyright issues, but holy shit it was funny.

WAIT! It’s back!

Love it. They should do one just for Richard Sherman.

Loved the bits with Harbaugh and Kaepernick (sp?). It’s the #1 Most Viewed and Most Popular on DirecTV Extras.