Bad Lip Reading’s hilarious Trump Christmas tune

I love love love this!

Please help me.

I like nearly everything BLR has done. They’ve been pretty quiet lately, so it’s nice to see some new material.


not their best work and it goes on far too long

worth watching once but not gonna be a lot of replay value for me

Oh man, that took a dark turn at the end.

While we’re here, what’s your favourite BLR? I think mine might be Seagulls.

Bushes of love.

Everyday I worry all day… my mantra. :slight_smile:

Seriously, those guys are probably making good money but it cracks my shit up that all of this insane musical talent is going into ridiculous YouTube videos.

Given the partnership with Disney, almost certainly. Though, unless things have changed, I believe it’s just one guy, though he now brings in celebrity guest voices–because he can.

Its ok, but that channel has made much better videos.

Have you caught his Disney stuff? The Descendants stuff was great, and I’d not even seen the original movie.

I’m asking because it’s not on his normal channel.

Hostiles on the Hill from earlier this month is quite amazing.

Personally I’m looking forward to trying out the karaoke version of Seagulls once I get over this cold.

“You are like cinnamon!”

Oooh… that’s a contender.

Yeah, Wedge is the galaxy’s best wingman/backup singer.

I wonder what spice he thinks I’m like…

I haven’t seen it. Not sure if I can see if from here (I googled Bad Lip Reading Disney and the link went to a channel - Disney XD - with content that isn’t available in my region)