Bad Non-American TV Shows

Whenever Americans talk about bad TV shows, they usually mention Small Wonder or My Mother, the Car. Sometimes, if they want to make some waves, they’ll mention Hogan’s Heroes or The Beverly Hillbillies.

I’m just wondering. What do viewers in other countries consider the worst shows that their nation has produced? Give us details. Why is this show considered bad?

The Canadian sitcom “The Trouble with Tracy” is in the running for one of the worst shows ever made. From the Wikipedia article:

I don’t remember that one. I was going to nominate Snow Job.

New Zealand: Melody Rules.

I think a common one cited for Australia was Hey Dad!, which has also taken a bad turn recently with child abuse claims.

I’ve heard the anime Pilot Candidate is absolutely hated in both Japan and the West and is often used as short-hand for “Terrible anime” in both places as well.

I don’t know much about how anime is produced, but apparently it was cancelled before its scheduled 12 episode run was over, which is surprisings since during the time it came out stuff very rarely got cancelled mid-series unless it was one of those 60 episode season behemoth series.

For the UK I reckon “Mrs. Brown’s Boys” is the current choice of barrel-scraper.

It is unspeakably dreadful. I think I managed about 3 minutes.

Thank God someone else thinks that. Given its constant appearance on TV, I was starting to think I was the only one who didn’t get it.

You are not alone, not by a long chalk. It was like nails down a blackboard to me.

Like “On The Buses” but without the sophistication and keenly observed characters.

Among Australians of a certain age a piece of shit called Bingles, a sit-com set in a garage, still sends shudders up the spine.

[trivia note - a ‘bingle’ is Australian slang for a small or insignificant car accident]