Bad Political Slogans

Our Lt. Gov. is running for mayor of about 900,000 people. She supposedly is in the best position but I don’t know after this slogan.

“The Road to Prosperity is Always Under Construction”
… Gee, that’s great, just what I want. A mayor who runs her office like a road under construction. Traffic and delays on the way to prosperity! Hooray!
Have you seen any doozies lately?

I always wanted to see someone run under:

“Vote for Me, I’m Full of Shit.”

I almost would, just for that. Honesty, after all, does have its place in politics.

During the period when Johnson was in his first elected term, one of the White House staff was detected in a homosexual encounter in a Washington YMCA (where else?). During the campaign one of Johnson’s slogans had been All The Way With LBJ. Some wag, immediately after the staffer was “outed,” suggested a new slogan for the next campaign, Either Way With LBJ. As I remember, Johnson didn’t take to the idea.

I forget the candidate, but it’s here in Arkansas. There’s a sign for a politician by the community center (where we vote in my town) that says something like, “[Candidate] For Cheaper Drugs.” I’m guessing he wants to lower the prices of prescription medicine. I wanted to have my picture taken in front of the sign with a bong or something.

I still laugh about the sign “Lawless for Lt. Governor”

I believe there was a campaign button for Richard Nixon that read “You cant’ lick our Dick”

I thought Lawless for Lt Governor was funny, but I thought that Sukup for Governor was even funnier.