Dick and Bush, Dick and Bush!

Shout it like you mean it!

Just say no

Unheard of since the days of, well, president Johnson.

Don’t forget the Colon! (Erm… “Colin”.)

Dick, Bush… politics is just one f*ckin’ thing after another.

Lick Bush & Dick in '04!!

In an effort to be fair to the Republican party I decided to come up with a pro-Bush/Cheney slogan along the lines of the OP.

I’ll post it as soon as it comes to me…

:smiley: :smiley:

I prefer Hackenbush myself.

One Dick
One Bush
Just like God intended.

One Term

I should really pay you for that. :smiley:

The unstated premise behind the humor intended in the OP is actually the same as the one behind…

bughunter’s principle of political prurience

Thus, a Bush will beat a Gore any time.

I’m just waiting for Dick Wackenhut to run against Mike Hunt.

(Aiken, SC – home to Sheriff Mike Hunt – is the SC town in which I was born and raised. Sheriff Hunt’s campaign slogan in 2000 was “Mike Hunt – Accessible To You.”)