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There was a Thread on MPSIMS for bad movies we love so let’s give bad Tv it’s due. My choice has to be Cop Rock. Is it a police drama? Is it a musical? It’s two, two, two bad shows in one


Isn’t “BAD TV” covered in the tautology discussion going on in the oxymoron thread?

There is plenty of good TV. Just look at . . . well, there’s . . . And . . .

Folks, I actually sat through the entire first (and last) episode of TURN ON, so I >know< how bad TV can get.

I used to think The Weather Channel provided a pretty valuable service during severe weather. (“Severe” always brings to mind my high school English teacher. Now SHE was severe.)

Anyway, don’t rely on 'em. By the time we got a warning on the last tornado, I already had dirt in my breakfast.

Music channels. 'Nuff said.

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I know this is bad TV but I do find myself watching it: Wildest Police Videos. You know that part where they tell you that the show contains violent scenes and you should use discretion? I always go, “Yeah, be discreet, don’t let anyone know you watch it.”

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Oh please, stop with the elitist bullshit. There’s plenty of good TV, even some great TV. And alot of shlock. There’s a zillion channels, most of which are on 24 hours a day, it would be impossible to always have great shows.

Among the good, even great TV I have seen:
(I won’t qualify each item individually, suffice it to say that when I name any series televison, I am referring to the best it does, not the worst. The first item on my list is sometimes absolutely brilliant, other times merely passable. Apply that liberally)

Friends (The writing can be razor sharp)
Law & Order
The Sopranos
Sex & The City
Hill Street Blues
LA Law
Anything with David Attenborough
I, Claudius
Elizabeth R
All in the Family
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Mr. Show
And more… if you want to list BAD Tv, this thread will go on for hundreds of pages. There’s plenty of it. MOST of it. But please, spare me the crap about anything coming through your TV screen automatically sucking. That’s ridiculous.


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Sto? Elitist bullshit? Where? I thought the point of this thread is bad TV we watch even though we know it’s bad? Like Xena. It’s campy and silly but I watch it because I think it’s funny! Those sound effects and her flying all over is a riot!

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

I was going to start a new thread for this, but since it fits in here. . . Well, here it goes:

Over the last ten years or so, MTV has definitely lost its flare. I know many of you will agree with me on that. (Music itself for that matter is in a terrible slump right now, but I won’t get into that here.) They have pretty much ditched the music videos. (I know there’s M2, but I know one guy around here who has it because he’s got Direct TV. I haven’t heard of any of our local cable companies picking it up.) And now, they’re just becoming downright irresponsible. I was out with my girlfriend last night, and in dicussing MTV she told me this story about The Real World. Apparently one of MTV’s newest “live-ins” has a drinking problem. In one episode, she was drunk as a skunk, and decided to go out driving. Here’s the good part. The camera crew must have decided this would be great for the show and followed her. She was definitely smashed, and swerving all over the place. They didn’t stop her, they followed her. To me, that says MTV puts their “valuable” programming ahead of public safety. At what point does something like public safety become more important than an objective view of seven people who, honestly, have nothing important or worthwhile to share? Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe, I don’t know the whole story? But, with the number of people killed by drunk drivers, it’s only logical that when you have the opportunity to stop one, you make every effort to do so. MTV made every effort to make a buck.

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Dr P: I think that goes beyond bad TV, that’s without a doubt the the most despicable thing I’ve ever heard! I’ve lost friends to drunk drivers and go out of my way to be a designated driver so this doesn’t happen to anyone else I know and love.

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.


That is indeed dispicable. And one has to wonder at the legality of it…I mean, i knwo there are places where bartenders can be held responsible for giving too many drinks to someone.

But then again, if that monstrous boy who watched his friend murder that little girl in Vegas can be exempt from any legal repercussions, I imagine it is nothing to simply film a drunk getting in the car and driving instead of stopping them.


Byz: Mr. Rilch and I call those “real video” shows “When Buildings Collapse” (another Simpsons reference). I think the police chase shows do have some purpose, though; illustrating that real people can’t do what Hollywood stunt drivers do, and also that you’re never really in trouble until you start running from the cops.
DrP: I heard about the drunk driving episode, but I wouldn’t watch the Spoiled Twenty-Somethings Show anyway. The couple of times I tuned in, I noticed how everyone was trying so hard to be kewl by not enunciating their words. So they all sounded like they had drinking problems.
Actually, in light of the Real World, I’m not sure Blair Witch was such an original idea after all. Give three twenty-somethings a camera in an awkward situation and see what happens. Gee, I never heard of such a thing.

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Also, Friday night, before the kids went to bed, I watched the end of an episode of “PowerPuff Girls”. To fully understand what South Park is satirizing, one has to be familiar with those simple (in the pejorative sense) kid’s animated shows.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green

I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV lately (and be online for a dozen hours, that is) so I don’t have any current bad TV shows. I remember as I teen I loved “Manimal” and “Helltown”. My brother and I also both loved “Sledgehammer!” which was named in a recent “Wahoo Gazette” (David Letterman site) poll as the best TV program no one watched. :slight_smile:

Vouge- gotta think of Peter Gabriel here… Sledgehammer! Lame, okay, just smack me now!

“Full House”

The worst show ever…

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Sledgehammer ruled! My vote for worst show ever: Saved By The Bell.

If you’re the type who can’t get enough of cheesy tv, there is a great book by Craig Nelson called Bad TV. It’s published by Dell. It’s all there, even that stuff you thought was some kind of flashback.

can anyone explain what powderpuff girls is, and how it related to south park, I love s.park, but we dont get the other show around here.thanks!

Powerpuff Girls is a high-camp cartoon involving three little-girl super heroines, created accidentally by a nice professor who acts as their father. It’s kind of clever, in a way that can be appreciated by kids and on another level by adults. The villains are actually pretty scary (that queeny Devil gives me the creeps!). A little of it goes a long way, though, and it’s short on actual wit. So no, it’s not up to The Simpsons or Bullwinkle, but it’s worth checking out.

The other night I saw a summer replacement show on CBS called “Thanks” A sitcom about pilgrims. Pilgrims with modern day humor. Oh my God, did it ever suck! I could write a better sitcom than that.

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