Baldness ruins lives?

Reading the health news on the BBC this morning I came across this. The makers of Propecia are asking the Nat. Health Service not to approve their drug.
The link:

In this article was an interesting quote:
"The charity Hairline International, however, says that baldness “ruins lives”.
Director Elizabeth Steele said: “We believe that medical treatments for baldness should be available on the NHS.
“Baldness can destroy marriages and wreck

I’ve personally never known anyone to claim their marriage or career was ruined by baldness–ever heard of such?

Hmmmm…I suppose if someone thought you were a skinhead…

Naah. I don’t see it. This sounds like politics to me. I’m glad the British government isn’t going to waste money providing a baldness pill, when there are more important health issues to worry about.

Is the stereotype of Brits and bad teeth true? If so, why isn’t more funds allocated to dental health?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I read the article, what they want is for it to be given free to people who can’t afford it & they said no to this approach.

Course they don’t mention the side effects like a limp prick…from taking that stuff…