Balkanize Afghanistan

  1. Why don’t they just Balkanize Afghanistan so each tribe can have its own part, except for the Taliban, who should be ruled out.
  2. Also, they should be disarmed and not allowed to dress women up in those horrible outfits with masks.
  3. Also they should not let women be all covered up over here, as they might conceal weapons in all those folds, and also it is unseemly and irritating. After all, we already don’t let them beat their wives over here, so if we can do that, why can’t we get them to not dress all covered up? Don’t tell me they have a constitutional right to beat their wives. At least when they come over here they should swear to be Americans and not follow annoying customs. What if some day they want to set up a minaret and yell out of there five times a day and the rest of us have to listen to it because of freedom of ululation? I remember years ago in a neighborhood in Chicago the Catholics made the Protestant church in the area stop ringing its bells on Sunday morning, or it may be some other religion that did it. How can we have the true mixed barrel of people or melting pot if you can’t stand various costumes and noises and cooking of your neighbors and have to move because there are too many of them? Some religions don’t believe in killing roaches and they run all over! Nobody can kill them because they are sacred, and at home they have whole buildings filled with snakes and rats.

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This is just common sense. To ensure equality of treatment between nationalities (and just to be sure) all women over the age of eighteen should go topless. Please.


Is this a joke post? (You didn’t put a smilie).

On the depressing chance that it isn’t:

Do you know anything about the history of Yugoslavia?

As for Afghanistan, how you would sort out those tribes who claimed the same territory?
How would you keep the feuding tribes apart?
How would you identify the Taliban?

Who’s going to disarm them?
Isn’t it more important to feed the starving civilians than worrying about fashion? (Incidentally I think the outfit you mean is a ‘chador’. If you mean gas masks, that shows how dangerous war is).

An interesting combination of reasons.
Presumably a chador-clad woman with a license to carry a concealed weapon could only be arrested by the fashion police? :rolleyes:


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