Baltimore airport-eating and drinking.

I will be at the Baltimore airport for a few hours. I haven’t been in the area since the 1990’s. I remember all you can eat crab, happy hours with great snacks, crab cakes.

But I will have a just a few hours at the airport. Can you recommend a place to eat and some local beers. I like the darkies, beers that is.

Thanks all.

I doubt you’ll have time to leave the airport, so:

I ate at Philips Seafood the last time I flew through Baltimore. I had a good meal; crab cakes, naturally.

Inside the airport, DuClaw Brewing Company fits what you’re looking for. Note it’s outside the Security Zone so you’ll have to go back through Security again.

I did fine with Obrycki’s last time I was through. Declicious crab cakes, reasonable beer selection. Prices on par with airport food, so expect to pay a bit.

i think it was their bar where I spent a short layover a couple of years ago. Good crabmeat cocktails and I think they served cakes too.

Been to Phillips also, there and in Atlanta. Plenty good.

Gachi House of Sushi is surprisingly excellent Japanese food.

Thanks all for the replies. And thanks for the Phillips link. Looks like a winner. Didn’t see a beer menu. Hopefully they will have some regional beers.

After eating Yucatan food for a year, looking forward to some crab cakes.

Thanks again.

Due to Southwest’s computer crash, I was able to dine, drink at many places. I ended up being stranded for 24 hours at the airport. I arrived from Cancun, and was awaiting a connecting flight to Utah.

Southwest was generous with $14 vouchers. However, I would have preferred a cot. The airport was full of stranded passengers, and sleeping places were difficult to find outside the security area. Too many chairs with armrests! After a search, I did find a thinly carpeted area with an outlet for the CPAP machine.

Du Claws Brewing had a chocolate, peanut butter stout that was incredible! And Phillips had delicious crab spring rolls.

Receiving the award for the worst cup of coffee was Dunkin Donuts.

Thanks to everyone for the drinking and dining recommendations. I was able to partake of most of them. It made my unexpected delay more enjoyable.