'Bambi Hassenpfeffer' - this is killing me!

I’m really sorry, but I just can’t help being a nitpicking smartass/horrible bitch when it comes to that Doper name!

Yes, Bambi would make for some tasty venison - but certainly no Hasenpfeffer. That would be impossible, simply because Bambi is a deer, not a hare. Hasenpfeffer - with only one ‘s’! - literally means “hare pepper”. It’s a spicy dish made with hare meat.

BTW, I’m from this tiny-assed country called Luxembourg. We speak a language closely related to German, and most of us speak German very well too; but when you mistake us for Germans, or say Luxembourgish is just a German dialect, we get pissed off - and rightfully so!:wink:

We call it Huesenziwwi, related to the French “civet de lièvre”.

Again, I’m really sorry for being a patronizing bitch, especially toward the Bambi doper, but I just had to get that off my chest!

That’s what Hasenpfeffer means? I’m used to it just being a silly word or a comedic last name.

You don’t remember the old WB cartoon with the king yelling “Where is my Hasenpfeffer?!!”

Perhaps her name is meant to imply the outcome of a nasty falling out between Bambi and Thumper.

I know what Hasenpfeffer is from an old “Hogan’s Heroes” comic book (who says comics ain’t educational? – although 'm sure they spelled it with a double “s”)

But taking a Doper name to task because it doesn’t make any sense is, itself, nonsensical. Part of the charm of many DoperNames is the way they don’t make sense. And putting together weird combinations isn’t necessarily evidence of ignorance. Especially on THIS board.

Not sure why the gripe about Luxembourg language is in there, but I’ll bet the Swiss get pissed off for the same reason.

I think you’re making assumptions here - namely, that what he means by it is what you mean by it. That may not be the case. For example, my German American grandmother uses “Hasenpfeffer” to mean: “rabbit cooked with pepper” (we can’t get hare in Chicago, but we can get frozen rabbits), “crisp cookies coated in powdered sugar” (they’re shaped roughly like rabbit ears) or “grandchild dear to my heart.” (She also calls us “schnicklefritz,” which I gather is rather unflattering in it’s dictionary meaning when applied to a little girl, as well.)

Instead of telling him he’s wrong, why not ask dear old **Bambi **how he came by his username?

And are you REALLY Amber in Treasury? :dubious:

I’ve probably seen it somewhere. I thought I heard the term on Rocky and Bullwinkle, actually, but I could be imagining things.

Any kid who’s watched Saturday morning cartoons knows what hasenpfeffer is.

If I didn’t know this was hasenpfeffer, I’d swear it was carrots.

The important thing is that you feel better now, Amber.

Oddly enough I’ve given this thought prior to this thread, and this was always my assumption. I assume someone’s been kind enough to PM **Bambi ** this morning to let her know about this thread, yes?

Psst. He’s a him.

One two three four five six seven eight! Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorparated!
I’m ashamed to know this.

Really? What does it mean? I ask cuz I have friends whose cat’s name is Mr. Shnicklefritz.

I hope a German Doper will tell me the truth. When I was a kid, my mom (who also called me that) made a funny face and stammered that it meant “princess”. When I got older, she admitted it meant something akin to “the favorite concubine of the prince” (!) Some online searching reveals either “little boy” or “little penis” (!). I suspect there are several layers of Victorian slang muddying the waters here.

I’ll let the OP know that my doper name is also a misspelling. A resident of St Paul, MN is actually a St Paulite and not a St Pauler. Mea culpa for any problems this has caused any of you.

As for “Bambi Hassenpfeffer”, maybe that’s what happened to Thumper?

IIRC, his name is from a regular customer who used to come into the store he worked in. It has nothing to do with deer or rabbits. Save your nitpicking/smartassery for someone who needs it. :wink:

“Cook! COOK! Where’s my Hasenpfeffer!”
heh … and Hong Kong Fooey rules. Wish that was still on.

This borders on a personal attack because you don’t like their name. Somethings should stay private and left unsaid.

You know, a while back, a Doper questioned another on their choice of name and I learned a lot about the very tragic life of Saartjie Baartman, the so-called “Hottentot Venus”, and about how the word Hottentot was used as a slur against the Khoikhoi in South Africa. It led to a very moving and enlightening exchange between the Dopers involved.

This, on the other hand, is just bullshit.

Bambi means “baby,” it doesn’t mean deer. There was just a famous deer with the name, Bambi. So Bambi Hassenpfeffer could refer to a dish made with baby hare and peppers.