Whose Doper name do you feel you need a little info on?

We all come across Dopers’ names that we wonder about. This is the place to inquire, to learn, to share.

I’ll start us of with one I had not noticed until just now:


Come on, F.Pu - what’s your story?

I’ve been meaning to ask you about yours, Mean Mr Mustard. There was a campus bar on High Street at The Ohio State University called Mean Mr. Mustard’s back in the early 90’s. Any connection?

Maybe he likes the Beatles song.

Show’s how much I know about the Beatles, eh?

Or apostrophe usage.

I think that was more of a failure on how to use my fat fingers.


I cant keep track of the nasty ones or the nice ones, I find most here nasty.

Its so nice for that mix


Well, for anyone curious about mine: “Eke” is my name in Hawaiian, according to a key chain my parents brought me from there on their second honeymoon. “Dolphin” because dolphins were my favorite animal. (Foxes are now.)

I love the Beatles, I like the sound of Mean Mr. Mustard, and I like the way ‘mmm’ looks as a sign-off to my posts. Win-win-win.

I don’t find most posters nasty, not at all. I do have a hard time, however, keeping tabs on who is who. If you ask me who I had a snarkfest with three days ago, it is very likely that I couldn’t tell you. Probably not a bad thing.

Anyone with Eddie or Edward in their name…

I always assume it is an Iron Maiden reference (I know Eddie the Head is, but not sure on Eddie the Horrible)

Just channeling my inner FDR.

I’ve always been a bit afraid of Fear Itself.

Just a nickname my first wife gave me around 1991.

Now you got me wondering if I need to sign off in my own cryptic way (totally understood by jazz cats).



I spent the first year wondering about Mangetout and what man they wanted to get out. Then my high school French finally kicked in. :smack:

I kept getting him confused with mangeorge (who apparently hasn’t logged on in 2 years now). Mangy ogre?


He’s previously said his actual inspiration was the peas.

I know the correct meaning, but I still can’t read it as anything other than someone who keeps talking about the advantages of his skin disease. :slight_smile: