Whose Doper name do you feel you need a little info on?

It’s Spanish for “The Kabong”.

Although no one here is puzzled by my name… Adhemar was a bishop who went on one of the crusades in 1098 thus is was a Cleric in the RPG sense. I used it for a game and then liked it enough to use it here.

Also want to point out I am NOT Adaher and predate him on the message board by a few months. It is rather disquieting when someone pits Adaher.

Mr and Mrs Aker named their eldest Kay.

I always thought it was because you liked kayaking… Hah!

I hear the late, sorely missed psxer got his name similarly.

Me too. Fortunately, I have nothing else to be afraid of.

And here I thought you were scared of dolphins…

Not even Simon the rat?

How about The Stainless Steel Rat?

How about another Mumper-- FairyChatMom?

Science fiction character.

Yep. Most places I go by my nickname (first syllable in my last name), but I must have been feeling puckish the day I registered here and must have just re-read of of the stories.

Only problem with it is logging it, that is a quite a bit of typing…

I remember El Kabong from the cartoons. “El-l-l-l Kaboooonnngg!”

“I’ll do the thinnin’ around here, Babalooie.” :smiley:

Oh. I thought you had Delfiniphobia.

Pretty silly, naming your doper self after a science fiction character. :dubious:

Yeah- everybody knows that the REAL studs name themselves after obscure throwaway lines in indie films.

I’m curious about JcWoman. It just seems like an odd name oddly capitalised, but probably has an explanation that makes sense.

S-u-u-u-u-re you’re not. SOCK ALERT! SWARM! SWARM!

Science fiction? Bah.

Fantasy novels have much better choices.

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