bamboo towels?

What do towels made of bamboo fibers feel like? Anybody tried them?

I tried some at a dept store awhile ago and they were like absolutely the softest towels I had ever felt, by a large margin. I think it was a cotton/bamboo blend, and I remember thinking they would be rough but MAN were they soft! These particular ones were way expensive so I didn’t get em though.

Yes. :slight_smile:

I have one. They are heavy, so don’t get a large one. They don’t dry as fast as cotton when you hang them up after using them. They dry you off pretty well after a shower, but not as well as cotton. They do feel very soft, not rough or scratchy at all.

I suppose they are more environmentally friendly because bamboo doesn’t require the amount of fertilizer that cotton does. I hear it doesn’t require any at all.

I found an awesome yoga top and pants that were bamboo, and fighting ignorant nailed it- they were the softest clothes I have ever found.

I can’t wait to get a pair. The towels would be cool, I’ll look for some.

I have some night clothes that are very soft, made of bamboo fiber. They seem to have some problems with pilling, but that could be the weave.