I have bamboo pants!

I’ve always wanted to post at least one goofy title here…

I recently bought some (Hathaway) pants at Costco. The label says that they are:

-50% viscose from bamboo
-32% polyester
-18% cotton

I was curious whether bamboo would start to become the new cotton, especially with increasing trade with Asian countries. From a quick google, it seems that it is being touted as environmentally friendly because it is a renewable resource. There is also a reference to bleaching, so I suspect that it is only as ecofriendly as any textile could ever be.

So, how are they? I’m sold. They wear well and feel terrific. They are relatively wrinkle-free, although that probably has more to do with them being a blend. The texture and look of these pants is similar to that of a fine-textured chino; but, like cotton, it can probably me manufactured in a multitude of colors and textures. Because of the light weight and light color of these pants, I’m considering them for summer wear only. I guess that means that I pack 'em away tomorrow…

Now, if I can only find a way to build up a 40.000 volt charge in these things, they’d be perfect… :slight_smile:

Anyone else wearing bamboo?