"bamboon Whatagey"???

:confused: Ok, for years something has bothered me. One of my favorite songs of all times is Bush’s Glycerin (from the album Sixteen Stone), I’m sure you are familiar with it. However for the life of me, I can not figure out what he is saying in bewtween the 3rd and last verse. My friend and I spent an entire road trip to Vegas trying to decipher it, but all I hear is “bamboon whatagey”, and I am fairly certain that is not included in the English language. Besides, the 6 hour Vegas trip, I have spent countless hours researching this on the Internet (YES I have a life, but my job affords me a lot of free time trapped in a cubicle) and still have no answers. I will include some of the lyrics so you know which part I am speaking of:

If i treated you bad
You bruised my face
Couln’t love you more
You got a beautiful taste
Don’t let the days go by
Could have been easier on you
I couldn’t change though i wanted to
Could have been easier by three
Our old friend fear and you and me
Glycerine (repeat)
Don’t let the days go by


I needed you more
When we wanted us less
I could not kiss just regress
It might just be
Clear simple and plain
That’s just fine

I located at least 20 sites purporting to have the lyrics to the song. None address an utterance in the location noted above. It’s a little thing, really, but it bugs the shit out of me too.

Maybe they really ARE saying “BAMBOON WHATAGEY” (is this the correct spelling?). Could be something ridiculous like


I know! Every lyric site I have been to has the song, but omit’s the part! I have only found one site that actually admits that they are missing something. And I really hope that they are not really saying “Bamboon Whategey” (I have no idea if it is the correct spelling since I doubt it is actually a word) because if so, I will just continue to be frustrated, and I hate that!


It’s Farsi for ‘cafe society.’

PS to my smartass answer above… I always thought he said “bad moon mardigan”

Still don’t know what the heck it means. I’m still googlin’

I was recently surprised to discover that many of these so-called “lyric” sites just listened to the songs and wrote them down, leading many of them to have obviously wrong content. (I can’t recall what prompted this discovery, but it was a song I knew well, and had lyrics in the CD case for).

I don’t listen to them, but if they’ve got a website, mayhaps they would reply to a general query?