Ban the Pit!!!!!!!!

People get hurt in the Pit by the Pit Bullies. These bullies can’t seem to respond to logic or gentle persuasion when they are on the attack. Innocent people are lured into the pit where reason and logic gives way to the lawlessness of the pit. Behind the scenes, in cyberspace, these bullies pack together and plan their attack. Perhaps a notice advising gentle well behaved people that providing an opinion could result in emotional trauma might be in order.Also an advisory that the purpose of this forum is not to fight ignorance, but a venting venue for frustration of these pit bullies.

or you could simply never go there.

Or is there a pit bully holding a gun to your head? Nobody is forced into the Pit, you’re here by your free choice.

oh, very ditto, primaflora, thank you

I think it should be fairly obvious to anyone that has seen the other fora that one should only enter here if one is prepared to defend their weak arguments. Look, just because you presumably had it pointed out to you exactly how and where you were full of shit without mercy does not mean that anyone else is promoting ignorance. Of course, you don’t have any evidence of others acting like bullies or any poor souls smacked down in their honest quest to eradicate ignorance. Nope, just whining.

Normally, I am one of those gentle, well-behaved people. But I’m not above describing how full of shit someone else is when they deserve it. You, for example, are so full of shit that the EPA has spent $200,000 studying the effects of your methane gas emissions on the ozone layer. Now fuck off.


You’re still a fuckin jackass.

How long have you been here? Wern’t you going to leave? remember the whole melodrama you had going on? If you don’t like it why the fuck do you keep coming back?

Cripes man, are you like this everywhere or do you just like to be a bitch on here where no one can actually smack you?

I think grienspace has started more threads in the pit than anyone else who’s ever called for the abolition of it.

Don’t like it being pointed out that you’re full of shit? I got an easy solution, it’s called “don’t post”.

It involves you not posting crap anymore.

Jebus, i can’t believe i posted to this, how many hundred Ban the Pit threads have there been now?

Do a search and find your answers muttonhead.

I vote to keep the pit. I am happy to report that I’ve touched my toe into those waters and returned unscathed. (although I’m sure one of these days someone somewhere will say something against me that will hurt - but that can happen in ANY forum).

grienspace don’t give me that babe-in-the-woods routine. I seen you get very nasty and call posters all kinds of names. You may argue that you’re just responding tit-for-tat. Baloney.

You know, I would be very, very careful with who I talked to about banning the pit. Because the people who vent in the pit are dangerous. And these quiet, hardworking psychos might… just…


and then stalk from cubicle to cubicle with an Armalite AR-10(T) Carbine gas-operated fully automatic assault rifle, pumping round after round into colleagues and co-workers. This button-down oxford cloth lunatic probably sits at home every night with a rat-tail file and box upon box of .308/7.62MM shells, filing little + signs into the tips of the bullets to make dum-dum rounds for maximum antipersonnel effect.

This could be a doper you’ve known for years, a doper very, very close to you.

Or maybe you shouldn’t come into the forum if you’re going to get your little feelings hurt.

Upham, I nearly forgot all about you. Don’t worry , I wasn’t referring to you. You could’t hurt a flea. :smiley:

oooooooh, that hadda hurt…
(wishing there was a snickering smilie…)

ahh, pliz to insert this in my last post of above, pliz

and to am thanking you

Awwwww, poor widdle grienspace…whassamatter, honey, get your ass kicked in a debate again? Here, let me lead you over to MPSIMS or IMHO where your inane babblings won’t get you into so much trouble :rolleyes:

No. Wait. We don’t want you there, either.

Maybe the Pit Bullies do have a gun to grienspace’s head. I keeping having to shoo them away from the front of my house…damn pit bullies. Always lurking in dark and damp places, feeding on the entrails of the meek. Put moth balls around you windows and doors, that does the trick for me.

Maybe not, really doesn’t matter.

You’re still a fuckin jackass.

So typical of you oldscratch. my post said nothing about banning the pit. That is one of the problems with you. You fly off the handle without warning! I advised education for people not familiar with the temperament of the Pit Bully.

Actually you know damn well I’m talking about how you guys locked jaws on cartooniverse. As for myself this recent pit experience has been one of the easiest “debates” that I’ve been involved in in a long time. Its like shooting fish in a barrel.


It’s the fucking SUBJECT of your OP you festering sack of pig jizz!

Uh. So we’re supposed to ignore the thread title?


Go away, son, you bother me.

You are so easy


Ooooh! SO fucking clever. YOu’re right. However, you see that little thing called subject? What’s it say. Got it. Once again you’re wrong, you’re a liar, and you can’t admit it.

No I didn’t. Luckily, I can’t read your sick little mind. True, it’s easy to make a debate easy when you ignore the other side and make up statistics and information, and keep ignoring the fact that you’re only a legend in your own mind.