Ban The Pita!!!!!!

Never been a big fan of pita bread. Tastes sort of crappy and causes phytate poisoning if you eat too much of it. Served by the sort of crappy food place that puts bottled dressing on a handful of Romaine lettuce and calls it a caesar. This bland bread has no place in the kitchens of civilized man.

Somebody named Paprika complains about bland?

You, sir, have obviously never tried ‘the Fajita Pita’ from Jack in the Box.

Mmmm, pita bread cut into eights, baked, and served with artichoke dip. Mmmmm. . .

I like pitas. They provide a break from the whole wheat, rye, white, whole wheat cycle. Plus, their pocket-ness is novel. Look, it’s bread with a cavity in it! Like a bagel, but more functional!

You don’t like pitas?

So how the hell do you eat your hummus - on rye?

What kind of monster are you?

(I don’t even want to think about how you eat falafel)


I like hummus on rye. Little tiny rye bread squares.

God, I’m so ashamed now!


I always knew there was something wrong with you.

I’d already made a personal vow to never ever let you use my bathroom, but now I think I’m just going to start avoiding you altogether.

Rye bread squares! shudder You Heathen!

P.S. One can eat hummus on lawash without overmuch shame.

Note to self

Eat loads of hummus on little rye squares, enjoy them immensly
Visit Cranky
Overflow her shitter
Leave laughing hysterically

Better buy a plunger, girl. I’m heading over!



You gotta get out more. Good Pita bread can be found, and it’s quite flavorful and enjoyable. My favorite is a local greek food (Gyros a specialty) fast food place. Dino’s Gyros.


Hummas is best eaten on freshly baked Naun (spelling quiestionable) which is my favorite food when eating at a local Turkish restaraunt, Caravan Serai.


tehe Zette said:

Zette, isn’t that what happened in your (now ex I beleive) employers bathroom a while back. < giggle > Oh the laughter I have bottled up now.

< pretty sure it was you Zette… if not my apologies >

Your memory serves you right- and I’m still here! I’m pretty sure they call me “Stinky Pete” behind my back, though. (grumble, grumble)


Well, at least when you did it, it was the toilet and not the sink.
Boy, was that embarrassing.

I have to comment on the pita bread complaint.

All pita bread contains is water, whole wheat flour, yeast salt and/or sugar. (just one of the three recipes I was able to pull up.)

I don’t know what “phytate poisoning” is but I assume that if you eat too much of anything you will get some kind of sick feeling.

Oh, and gyros are absolutely the best “sandwichs” out there. I love that seasoned lamb/beef or whatever with tomatoes, shredded lettuce and that yummy cucumber dressing…not the cheap stuff, but good stuff.

Also, pita bread lightly toasted in the oven and cut into wedges is excellent with your favorite spinach and artichoke dip…I make a mean dip that’s a combo of Olive Garden’s dip and a dip that I found in a restaurant in Grand Junction, CO.

Oh the poor soul that can’t appreciate pita bread. :wink:

I think that what Dr. P. is referring to is the fact that pita and other unleavened breads contain phytates, which inhibit absorption of dietary zinc, calcium and iron (breads made with yeast contain an enzyme which breaks down phytates). My understanding, though, is that this is important only if your diet is substandard to begin with and you really pile on the pita.

I have to confess, Zette, that behind your back I’ve been calling you “Stinky Pita”.

Man, it feels good to get that off my chest.


[Shakespearean voice]

Get thee to a Middle Eastern restaurant!

[/Shakespearean voice]

You need to try a good falafel or gyros sandwich in nice warm pita bread. Only a high volume restaurant will have really fresh pita. Most stores do not sell enough to have fresh stocks of it.

For a fabulous taste sensation, get a gyros and falafel combination! It beats the band.

Amen to that. A pita is only worth eating for the first 24 hours after it leaves the oven; after that, it’s good only for toasting and feeding to pigeons.

Many times after a long night of partying, my friends and I would stop by a bakery to pick up some bread - at 4 AM, most bakeries are up and running. We’d buy a bag of still-hot pitas and eat them, plain, in the car on the way home. They were quite possibly the most delicious things in the world.

Alladin’s Restaurant, at Belle and Detroit Avenues in Lakewood, OH. Hot, fresh pitas with everything you order. My favorite was to start with either their vegetarian chili or V-9 soup plus some hummus, then order a falafel platter. Woohoo!

My favorite local sandwich shop offers pita, and I love to get their sliced kielbasa on pita with swiss cheese…drool

Remember when Burger King offered pita sandwiches back in the 80’s and they had that god-awful jingle “Eat a pita!”? That whole promotion went over like a turd in punchbowl…perhaps Dr_Paprika is a former BK marketing executive who still feels the painful sting of novelty sandwiches gone wrong. :eek:

So does this mean that racer is going to start a “Ban the Pity!!!” thread?