Banana Splits -- Hold the Fleegle

The actor in the dog suit has died. IMDb says he was Jeffrey Brock, who also acted under the name of Jeffrey Winkless (see near the bottom of the page). In addition to The Banana Splits’s ‘Fleegle’, his credits include voice work for anime, music composer, and the Clerk who checked Edward G. Robinson into the suicide clinic in Soylent Green.

One of my favourite pieces of trivia: he also held a patent for an artificial heart.

*One bananna, two bananna, three bananna…*ah, crap.

Wow…it’d be one thing if I had C&P’d there, but no, that was three separate misspellings of banana. Sheesh.

This guy was my first favorite TV character, even before Grover on Sesame Street. How could the character’s name not be spelled Fleagle?

You’re thinking of Paul Winchell, who did the voice of Fleegle (as well as Tigger in the Winnie the Pooh films and a ton of other stuff).

I still have my BS’s cell phone ringer… I wuv Fleegle!

Did I ever tell you about the time Brasky and I went hunting? We stalked and murdered every memeber of the Banana Splits. All of them begged for their lives, except Fleegle.

Hmm … I did not see this the day it was posted, I had to work and I kept walking around humming the banana splits theme song. Do you think it could have been Fleegle trying to contact me from beyond the grave?
Looking at IMDB entry about the Banana Splits I saw that it was directed by Richard Donner, know for directing the Lethal Weapon movies (among many others), he should have cast Fleegle in the movies and called them “Lethal Fleegle”.

You couldn’t have dropped acid and written better stuff:

New Sig Line!


Uh oh, Chongo!